RE-learning about Buddhism

Image of RE-learning about Buddhism

Today we had a fascinating lesson given by Pagpa, a Buddhist monk from the Preston Buddhist Centre, who taught us about the religion of Buddhism. The children could immediately see the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism but were also very interested in the differences. They…

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RE-Visit from Rev Paul

Image of RE-Visit from Rev Paul

Rev. Paul came to talk to Upper School about the book of Exodus in the Bible. He explained why it is such a significant event for Jewish people and Christians alike. The children showed their knowledge about what Moses was tasked to do by God and learnt about the way that the story of the…

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Times Table Grand Prix

Image of Times Table Grand Prix

Upper School have learnt that times tables crop up in such a vast amount of their learning so we love finding new ways to keep our times table recall fresh and speedy!

See if you can improve your rate of answering…can anyone beat Miss Langley’s rate of 43 questions per minutes?


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Gymnastic Displays

Image of Gymnastic Displays

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have been learning how to create and improve a sequence of balances, shapes and movements. They have all worked brilliantly and RESOURCEFULLY to build a sequence consisting of counter balances, counter tension, various travelling moves to transition from one…

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Road Safety

Image of Road Safety

Fire Officers from Lancashire Fire and Rescue came to visit Year 6 earlier this week. They spoke to us about rules of the road including acts of law such as those around seat belts and booster seats, they also emphasised the need for visibility when out and about on the road whether as a…

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Safer Internet Day

Image of Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day across the country and we were privileged to have a lesson led by our favourite sports coach, Corey, who taught us all about showing respect to each other online. The children role played text message scenarios and made decisions about whether or not to send particular…

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Let’s Go Sing- the last rehearsal!

Image of Let’s Go Sing- the last rehearsal!

Upper School and Middle School enjoyed a session of singing with Matthew from the Let’s Go Sing team. He was so impressed with how well the children knew the songs and lyrics and encouraged the children to continue practising over the holidays. We can’t wait to perform with all the other schools…

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The historical significance of Henry VIII

Image of The historical significance of Henry VIII

This afternoon, Upper School have been learning to recognise why some people might be judged as more historically significant than others. We first of all unpicked the key vocabulary for today and clarified the meaning of some unfamiliar words. We discussed what it meant to be judged and what…

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Author Visit- Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by AF Steadman

Image of Author Visit- Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by AF Steadman

We had a fantastic afternoon listening to the children’s author, Annabelle Steadman. We can’t wait to get started on the first book of her unicorn series. 
Mrs Hurley

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Science- Chemical Reactions

Image of Science- Chemical Reactions

Following on from our work on reversible mixtures last week, the children created and observed a chemical reaction. They pretended they were working for the special effects department of the British Film Industry. They had to create a volcanic eruption using the two reactants, bicarbonate of…

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Showing our values in team games…

Image of Showing our values in team games…

Upper School demonstrated respect and compassion towards one another this afternoon - commenting kindly on their teammate’s attempt and supporting each other. They showed they were trustworthy to count their own scores and to be honest about their success. 

Well done, Upper…

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Exploring Tudor Portraits

Image of Exploring Tudor Portraits

Upper School have continue to explore portraits from a the Tudor times. This week, they have delved into the portraits painted of Sir Francis Drake - a Tudor explorer. They looked for clues in the portraits that would give the impression of personality, character, wealth, responsibility, role and…

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