English - Street Child Role Plays

Image of English - Street Child Role Plays

The Upper School children finished this half term’s English by organising themselves into groups to create, rehearse and perform their own role plays of significant events from the book Street Child. There were scenes from the workhouse, from the time Jim spent on the coal lighter, a scene showing…

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Quarry Bank Mill 2

Image of Quarry Bank Mill 2

Here are a few more pictures of our visit to the Mill...

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Quarry Bank Mill 1

Image of Quarry Bank Mill 1

What a fantastic visit Y5/6 had to Quarry Bank Mill! We started off in the Apprentice Mill Workers’ House where we found out about the food they were given, the work they did, how long their working day was and where they slept. The children were all very knowledgeable about what life was like for…

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Autumn Term Handwriting Competition

Image of Autumn Term Handwriting Competition

Well done to Daniel and Tommy who won the Y5/6 Handwriting Competition this week! It was a very difficult decision as there were lots of pieces of excellent handwriting but these two just had to be the winners with their beautiful joined up writing and consistent letter formations. 

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Art- Lubaina Himid

Image of Art- Lubaina Himid

In today’s Art lesson, the children were given the challenge of describing an abstract piece of art for a partner to draw without looking. The class sat back to back to describe the painting called ‘Five’ by Lubaina Himid. They did so well with their descriptions and the children’s pictures looked…

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Science - soluble and insoluble materials

Image of Science - soluble and insoluble materials

The Upper School children investigated soluble and insoluble materials today by trying to dissolve several different solids into cold water such as sand, salt, flour, sugar, gravy granules and instant coffee. They made predictions about each one and worked in groups to test their ideas. The…

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Art- Artist Studies

Image of Art- Artist Studies

Today, the class looked carefully at the oil painting, Gassed by John Singer Sargent. We discussed what was going on, the story behind the picture and the feelings of the soldiers. The children spent time reproducing the painting in pencil in their sketch pads, looking carefully at the shapes and…

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PE- Rugby Skills and Creative Games

Image of PE- Rugby Skills and Creative Games

With the weather finally being kind, Upper School made it outside for their PE lesson! The children focused on the rugby backwards pass to start with and then moved onto playing some simple competitions involving making it across the playground to collect cones whilst passing the ball back between…

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Let’s Go Sing 2023- first rehearsal

Image of Let’s Go Sing 2023- first rehearsal

We were all so excited in Upper School and Middle School to take part in this year’s first Let’s Go Sing rehearsal with the brilliant, Rachel. She got us all singing our hearts out and doing all the actions! There are some fantastic songs like If I Was A Superhero and The Fox (which is not for the…

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RE- Life as a Journey

Image of RE- Life as a Journey

Today in RE, the class thought about the journey of life and what we need to make our journeys fulfilling and flourishing. We watched Bishop Phillip talking about his own journey and the choices and difficulties he had on the way. After that, the children talked together about what they would put…

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Science - Investigating Insulators

Image of Science - Investigating Insulators

Upper School are learning about materials and their properties in our science lessons and today they planned and carried out an investigation to find out which container would be the best for keeping some porridge hot. Tyreece came up with an enquiry question and then we thought about what we…

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Harvest Festival

Image of Harvest Festival

On Sunday 17th September, St Peter’s Church celebrated the harvest with a family service. The church was decorated beautifully for the occasion and part of that decoration were the Year 5/6 harvest prayers and their handmade fruits and vegetables.
It was great to see so many children in church…

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