PE-Improving our Running Strategies

Image of PE-Improving our Running Strategies

Today, Upper School focused on improving their running techniques. They began by running between one section of the track and then working with a team to come up with their own teaching points for how to run efficiently and quickly. They then shared these ideas with the rest of the class and…

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Upper School’s Friday Parachuting Fun!

Image of Upper School’s Friday Parachuting Fun!

With a slight change to the weather and a sea of exhausted little faces after a busy three day, we decided to finish our week with the parachute! Upper School had lots of fun working together, encouraging one another…and competing a little against one another!

It was certainly a fun, energetic…

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Upper School, Year 1 and Reception’s Coronation Picnic

Image of Upper School, Year 1 and Reception’s Coronation Picnic

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‘Blooket’ Fun!

Image of ‘Blooket’ Fun!

To many it was a brand new game, to some it was just completely surreal playing in class…I am of course talking about… ‘Blooket’!

If you haven’t tried it already, it’s brilliant! Sign up for free, choose categories or create your own and compete against your friends and family in this really…

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Upper School’s Robot Projects

Image of Upper School’s Robot Projects

Over our three-day week, Upper School have been busy bees designing their very own purposeful robots. They created their non-chronological reports ‘blueprints’ (including a vast array of details following deep discussion over what should be considered - from warranties to material). Using…

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Image of PE-Athletics

The new PE topic for this half term is Athletics and today we focused on improving our throwing skills. The children worked on accuracy and distance in several group activities where they analysed each other’s skills. The children enjoyed challenging themselves by adding distances and making the…

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Angles in the sunshine!

Image of Angles in the sunshine!

This week, Upper School have been learning to identify, estimate, calculate and measure angles. They have learnt how to measure angles using a protractor which took some practise. 

We also applied our knowledge of angles to position and direction - describing the journey of many…

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Robot Animations

Image of Robot Animations

Over the next few weeks, Upper School will be exploring a new exciting narrative genre: science fiction!

We have been exploring two animations about different robots (‘Light’ and ‘Bilbo’) and shared our observations, inferences and wonders about the two.

’Bibo’ was clearly the favourite of…

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Upper School’s Creative Writing Project

Image of Upper School’s Creative Writing Project

This week, Upper School have been thrown into a creative project that we discussed as being a ‘buy one get two free’ learning experience! Their project wonderfully combines Art, English and Science and they’ve worked their little socks off to produce incredible non-chronological reports on unique…

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Science-Classification Zoo

Image of Science-Classification Zoo

This after half term, the Upper School children will be studying classification of animals and plants.

Today they began this topic by working with a partner to decide how to group a list of various animals for a new zoo. The children came up with all sorts of groups such as by…

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Science-planets of our solar system

Image of Science-planets of our solar system

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have been learning about day and night, the seasons and researching the planets of our solar system. This week they completed their facts posters which show all the information they gathered about their chosen planet. The children worked collaboratively with a…

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Persuasive Devices in Advertisements

Image of Persuasive Devices in Advertisements

Upper School have been exploring the question: how does media influence people?

We have focused on advertisement and how different strategies are used to persuade people to buy products. We discussed the use of catchy names, powerful descriptions, graphics, bold claims, celebrity endorsements,…

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