Let’s Go Sing!

Middle School and Upper School are excited to be involved in Let’s Go Sing 2022. We had our first rehearsal on Friday afternoon with Rose one of the fantastic musical directors of the project. She taught us some of the songs we will be performing on March 10th 2023 at King George’s Hall,…

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Reception’s Learning Weeks 2 & 3

Our Reception children are happy little learners! They have settled into the routines of our days so quickly,ake a look at these photos to see snapshots of their busy days …


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Signs of Autumn 2022

As we notice the weather turning cooler this week conversation turned to the seasons and we began looking for signs of Autumn. Alex G brought into school a bag full of acorns he had collected from his Aunty’s garden for us all to share. 

The children have begun to explore this tuff tray and…

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Lost and Found

Last week the children were surprised to find some lost penguins left in our classroom! They sparked lots of questions and the children recorded their questions learning how to use question words and draw question marks. It reminded me of the great story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers so I read…

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Following our previous learning where we explored the question ‘Why is it important to say thank you?’ This week in our RE lesson we asked ourselves ‘Why do Christians say thank you to God at Harvest time?’.

We talked about God being the creator of the world and everything in it, shared our…

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Solid, liquid or gas?

Continuing our science topic of states of matter, children explored how matter can go from one state to another. 

We concentrated on water and how it can turn from a liquid into a solid through freezing. We watched time-lapse videos of ice forming and discussed how we think it happens. 


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Making a car chassis

Middle school's DT project this half term has been 'a slingshot car'.
We have explored the history of cars and how their appearance has changed over time. We have looked at how a car pieces together with a chassis, axel and wheels. Finally, we were ready to start creating our own!

Children had…

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Let's Go Sing!

The children were very excited to have our special guest from 'Let's Go Sing' come in and show us some songs! Children were overjoyed to hear that they could participate in let's go sing again this year and were very eager to get started with the songs.
Middle school and upper school both did…

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The Unforgotten Coat-Role Plays

In English today, we read a section of our novel where the main character discovers where the two Mongolian boys live and goes there to give back a coat…it was a very dramatic scene and full of action and emotion. 
The children enjoyed rehearsing and performing their own role plays of this scene…

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Hands, Feet and Heart


In our music lessons we are learning a song called ‘Heart, Hands and Feet’. This week we have been keeping the beat using instruments as we sing. 

Practise the song at home, you can find it here on this link  https://soundcloud.com/ellel-3/05-kye-kye-kule

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What is an animal? Are humans animals? Do you have any animals at home as pets or livestock?


We sparked our science learning by considering these questions this week and it caused some great discussion. The children in Lower School are quite knowledgeable about how to care for animals as…

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Hot and Cold Places

We have begun our Geography learning this week as part of our half term topic called ‘Penguins, Possums and Pigs’ . The children shared what they already knew about hot and cold places in the world and started to think about what they wanted to learn. 

In an activity they looked at various…

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