Exploring Tens and Ones

Image of Exploring Tens and Ones

Our Year 1 children have been doing lots of different activities throughout the week developing their understanding of place value to 100. They have been playing lots of games, challenging each other and themselves and investigated how many tens and how many ones are in different two digit…

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Reception’s Creations

Image of Reception’s Creations

Our Reception children have been having fun creating some awesome models, they chat so animatedly whislt they are creating and when they describe their inventions to you. They applied lots of great design and making skills as they worked, making decisions, trying things out and improving their…

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Rainbow Fish

Image of Rainbow Fish

We have had a very busy week being creative and have had so much fun. We read the story The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister which is all about a fish with beautiful scales. The Rainbow Fish is asked to share his scales and when he refuses, he learns very quickly that he has no friends. So he learns…

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Julian Is A Mermaid

Image of Julian Is A Mermaid

This week a lot of our writing has been inspired by the fabulous picture book 'Julian Is A Mermaid' by Jessica Love. we came into the classroom one morning to find a letter for us telling us to follow our dreams. 

We shared our hopes and dreams with each other before recording them on notelets…

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Year 2’s Super Writers

Image of Year 2’s Super Writers

Our Year Two children have been very proud to show off their joined handwriting recently and rightly so! They have written some lovely poems titled ‘Under The Sea’ and included rhyming couplets. 

Well done children!



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Seasides in the Past

Image of Seasides in the Past

Our topic this half term is called Buckets and Spades and we are going to do lots of fun learning linked to the seaside. This first week we have begun by reading stories linked to the seaside, we started with some old favourites - The Lighthouse Keeper stories by Rhonda and David Armitage. 


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Phonics and Spelling Fun

Image of Phonics and Spelling Fun

Everyone in Lower School has been working so hard learning how to read and write by word building, learning tricky words and having fun with phonics games. It might be a tricky thing to do with so many spelling rules to follow to our children are having fun and making great…

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Mr Potato Head

Image of Mr Potato Head

We’ve been have a lot of fun, learning whilst playing with our new Mr Potato Heads. Everyone has been creating characters, creating stories with them and having many conversations about their creations. Our Reception children have used them to learn about our senses, counted and talked about pairs…

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Finding Fractions

Image of Finding Fractions

We had a whole class fraction fun afternoon this week as the children folded various shapes seeing if they good fold them into equal parts. Lots of conversation, lots of learning and a great deal of competition as they tired to fold their shapes into very small parts!


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Investigating the past

Image of Investigating the past

Mrs Maycock brought in her son’s collection of fossils and a Mako Shark’s jaw for us to have a close look at this week and we were all fascinated!  We learnt that the shark has a four sets of teeth growing at any one time as they break easily! 


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Image of Athletics

We’ve been making the most of the great weather and been able to enjoy PE outdoors. The children have been developing lots of different skills through activities in athletics over the past few weeks. 


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Fraction Fun

Image of Fraction Fun

Year Two began investigating fractions this week. After revising parts and wholes we had some fun playing different games to develop their understanding before we look closer at fractions of shapes and amounts next week. 


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