Phonics and Handwriting

In Lower School we start every day with handwriting practise, the children are showing great progress particularly our Reception children.

The Reception children have now learnt the first 6 sounds in Phase 2 of the phonics programme so we are having fun blending the sounds to read words. Great…

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Our Reception children have been exploring patterns this week and creating repeating patterns of their own. 

They have been using their bodies (boy,girl,boy, girl ...), objects and drawing patterns to deepen their understanding. 

Great learning children!

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Our School In The Past

As part of our theme ‘The Place Where I Live’ this half term we are learning about the history of our school and we have been great detectives looking closely at life in the past through photos and artefacts. 

We are lucky to have some amazingly interesting log books from when our school first…

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ERIC time

We love reading in Lower School and we have special time to enjoy books, comics and newspapers as often as we can. We call it ERIC time and the name stands for Everyone Reading In Class. 

Have a look at these photographs...

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Schools In The Past

Did you know that during Victorian times there could be up to 60 children in a class? That meant that 5 children would have to share just two chairs. We tried it! As you can see from the main photo we found that it would be very tricky to concentrate so squished and very difficult to write!


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Wash Day Maths

Our Reception children have been learning about matching and sorting in maths using lots of different resources. I think their favourite activity has been matching and sorting the socks into pairs after ‘washing’ them in our new Casdon Toys washing machine!  Not only did the children talk about…

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Autumn Finds

What can you see?  

This has been the question the children have been asked and asking each other whilst they have investigated all the autumn treasures in this tuff tray in the main photograph above. There has been a lot of learning and interesting discussion that has been great to listen to…

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Pumpkin Patch

This week one of our activities to improve our fine motor skills has been at the Pumpkin Patch in our classroom!

We have been talking about signs of Autumn in other activities and looking at these different squashes. The children have used crayons to draw the different squashes looking closely…

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Helping out in the home

Casdon Toys have given us all these fabulous toys for the home corner as part of an initiative called 'Helping Out In The Home Corner' and the children were so excited! As our topic this half term is called 'The Place Where I Live' and we have been learning lots of new things that are around the…

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Creation - Day 3

In our RE lesson this week with Helen we reminded ourselves of what we as Christians believe happened on the first and second days of Creation then we learnt what happened on Day 3!

We thought about our wonderful Harvest service we had been to in church on Sunday and remembered what we had been…

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Self Portraits 2021

Following our PSHE learning looking at diversity the children spent some time looking closely at their faces in mirrors and noticing what made them unique.  Then they drew a self portrait. 

They took their time to try matching different colours of crayons to their own skin tone by placing them…

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What is the same and different about us?

This half term in our PSHE lessons we are exploring ideas around the question 'what is the same and what is different about us?' within the theme of relationships.  We are looking at ourselves and others; similarities and differences; individuality and our bodies. 

Have a look at these photos…

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