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29 March 2021

Easter cards

Children enjoyed creating easter cards on Wednesday. They all tried to create a purple flower or butterfly in the centre of their card using layers of paper. There are so many talented and creative children in middle school that we end up with such a beautiful array of crafts by th...

26 March 2021

Easter carrot hunt

Middle school had a fab morning searching for easter carrots.They were so good at finding them that they all ended up with pockets full!  The children were thrilled that they could exchange their carrots for 'bunny change' and get an easter egg!

26 March 2021

Stone age day

As part of our topic for the half-term, the children took part in a 'stone age day'. These activities started when children walked into the classroom to find animal skins on the floor and antlers, skulls and other stone age items. After some exploration, we started off with fire-ligh...

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