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16 June 2024
Image of Exploring Tens and Ones

Exploring Tens and Ones

Our Year 1 children have been doing lots of different activities throughout the week developing their understanding of place value to 100. They have been playing lots of games, challenging each other and themselves and investigated how many tens and how many ones are in different two digit number...

16 June 2024
Image of Reception’s Creations

Reception’s Creations

Our Reception children have been having fun creating some awesome models, they chat so animatedly whislt they are creating and when they describe their inventions to you. They applied lots of great design and making skills as they worked, making decisions, trying things out and improving their de...

16 June 2024
Image of Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

We have had a very busy week being creative and have had so much fun. We read the story The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister which is all about a fish with beautiful scales. The Rainbow Fish is asked to share his scales and when he refuses, he learns very quickly that he has no friends. So he learn...

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