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21 May 2024
Image of Odgen Trust Team Challenges

Odgen Trust Team Challenges

We had a fantastic visit from the Ogden Trust team yesterday afternoon! Mhairi and her colleagues came to work with Year 5/6 on some ‘Team Challenges’ which concluded our PE topic for this half term.  The class enjoyed working in large and small groups to solve puzzles and ...

19 May 2024
Image of Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head

We’ve been have a lot of fun, learning whilst playing with our new Mr Potato Heads. Everyone has been creating characters, creating stories with them and having many conversations about their creations. Our Reception children have used them to learn about our senses, counted and talked abou...

19 May 2024
Image of Finding Fractions

Finding Fractions

We had a whole class fraction fun afternoon this week as the children folded various shapes seeing if they good fold them into equal parts. Lots of conversation, lots of learning and a great deal of competition as they tired to fold their shapes into very small parts!  

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