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20 October 2021

Fabulous Vector Creations

Upper School have now completed their course on Vector drawing. During their lessons, they have learnt layering, shading, how to copy images, rotate  and manipulate images.  The results are fantastic!  

15 October 2021

Science -Separating Materials

Today the learning was all about the different processes of separating materials. The children were given the task of separating a mixture of paper clips, raisins, flour and salt. To do this they used a magnet to remove the paper clips, a sieve to separate the raisins from the flour and then they...

15 October 2021

Syllable search

In middle school we love getting inspiration from the wonderful nature and outdoor areas we are blessed with at our school!  This week, children have begun exploring syllabic poetry, focusing firstly on haikus.  We knew that to write a haiku, we would need to focus on how many syllabl...

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