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3 February 2023

The Broken Washing Machine

Our latest mini-topic in German is the broken washing machine, which focuses on clothes!  This week, the children found items of clothing in the washing basket and described them.  Year threes can explain what piece of clothing it is and what colour it is. Year fours ...

3 February 2023

Measuring Area

This week in maths the children began looking at area.  This short topic had them begin by counting squares and progress onto measuring and finding the area of rectilinear objects in the classroom. Finding the area of objects takes a lot of maths skill!  You need to be able ...

3 February 2023

Author Visit!

This week, middle school was able to take part in a very special event! Author A.F Steadman came to visit our school!  The children all got to listen to her tell them all about the magical world inside of her fantasy book series Skandar the Unicorn Thief, where they learned t...

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