Odgen Trust Team Challenges

Image of Odgen Trust Team Challenges

We had a fantastic visit from the Ogden Trust team yesterday afternoon! Mhairi and her colleagues came to work with Year 5/6 on some ‘Team Challenges’ which concluded our PE topic for this half term. 
The class enjoyed working in large and small groups to solve puzzles and complete tasks set.…

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Image of Ducklings!

We were so excited this morning when Mrs Wright (Leo’s mum) brought in their duckling incubator. They have been looking after five eggs for the past few weeks and now three have hatched! One also hatched whilst we were in school! It was fascinating to watch the babies and see the new life…

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Science - Adaptation

Image of Science - Adaptation

For our Evolution topic this week, the class were learning about adaptation. To explore this theme, we carried out a Cepaea snail survey around the grounds of the school. Cepaea snails can be found in most parts of the UK and there are several different varieties to be found according to the…

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US Exploring Technical Language

Image of US Exploring Technical Language

As part of our English topic, Upper School explored a range of technical words and phrases linked to finance, crime and the legal system, so they felt more comfortable applying these words in their writing. We played technical language bingo (children selected words at random from our list and…

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US Art - Artist’s Impressions

Image of US Art - Artist’s Impressions

Linked to our English topic - ‘The Three Little Pigs’ - we created artist’s impressions of related scenes (from the crime scene to court room).


Super job, Upper School!


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US Role Plays in English

Image of US Role Plays in English

As part of our ‘Three Little Pigs’ English topic, we have been exploring reports and how quotes are created and included in an article. To help the children generate relevant quotes, they had the opportunities to recreate scenes from and after an incident involving The Three Pigs. They used their…

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US PSHE Lesson 1 - Financial Risk

Image of US PSHE Lesson 1 - Financial Risk

Upper School did a fantastic job at exploring financial risk through discussions. We also discussed ways that they can make money and how they can save money too. 

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Year 6 Circles

Image of Year 6 Circles

As part of Year 6’s revision, we explored the parts of a circle (circumference, radius and diameter). To bring this to life, Year 6 also learnt how to draw circles using a protractor. After exploring various techniques, they were then ready to measure their circles. By setting their protractor…

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PE- Team Work and Problem Solving

Image of PE- Team Work  and Problem Solving

One of our topics in PE this half term is Outdoor and Adventurous Activities which includes problem solving and team work. In our first session, the children were given challenges such as getting a hoop all the way around the group without the circle being broken and working together to stay on a…

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Upper School’s Art Gallery

Image of Upper School’s Art Gallery

What an incredible gallery of sculptures! Upper School loved setting up their final piece and choosing how they wanted it to be photographed….


We then enjoyed viewing all the captured gallery pictures on the big screen and sharing our thoughts on each piece. We were amazed by some of the…

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US Creating our sculptures

Image of US Creating our sculptures

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have worked brilliantly on their art sculptures - inspired by the art work of Joan Miro…


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Stem- Cyber Challenge

Image of Stem- Cyber Challenge

Today we had the pleasure of a visit from STEM First and Fylde Coast Physics during our science lesson. They set the class a challenge to work out who was hacking the internet and ‘rescue Hansel and Gretel from the Witch’.

The children worked brilliantly in groups of 4 to work out the clues…

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