Science-Evolution and Inheritance

Upper School are coming towards the end of their topic about Evolution and Inheritance this half term. We have learnt about adaptations, variation, inherited traits, survival of the fittest and this week we thought about how animals adapt over time to fit into their environments. 
The children…

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RE-Easter Around the World

For the last couple of weeks, the Upper School children have been researching, planning and producing a non-chronological report about Easter celebrations in different countries such as Mexico, Spain and Germany. They had to think carefully about how they set out their writing as the objective was…

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Outdoor Maths Challenge!

This morning, Upper School braved the bracing wind to complete a maths competition that I set up around the school field. There were 29 maths challenges hidden all over the grounds and they worked in pairs to find them and try and answer the questions correctly before they could go and try a…

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Fabulous Year Sixes!

Well  done to our Year 6s for completing their SATs in such excellent fashion. We are very proud of the way they approached the week with confidence. Each Year 6 tried their absolute hardest and there is no more we could wish for. Well done all! 

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Art-Nest Sculptures

After a very busy and intense morning completing SATs papers, the Upper School children enjoyed going outside in the grounds of school to find the types of materials birds might use to make their nests. They found wool, straw, sticks, grass, moss and leaves to add to their clay bases and recreate…

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PE -Tennis competition

Upper School finished their Tennis skills topic today with some tennis matches. This meant they could show off the skills they had learnt! They demonstrated forehand and backhand shots, tactics to beat their partner and accuracy with their own shot placement. All the children agreed that they had…

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332 Million People!

As part of our studies about the USA, we have been looking at population distribution and population density. We also compared the population and area of New York and London.




New York

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Science- Evolution and Inheritance

As part of our topic on evolution and inheritance, the class found out about Darwin’s theories about adaptation. We discussed why the same animals look different in differing environments. The two main ideas they came up with were because of climate and because of predation. 
We studied this…

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PE-Backhand skills

This half term, Upper School are learning Tennis skills and today the focus was on the backhand. The children demonstrated this skill through partner work and competitive rallies. 

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Art- Watercolour Nests.

After studying the birds’ nests last week and producing charcoal and chalk drawings which focused on gaining depth with shading, the Upper School children used the new watercolour palettes to try and recreate paintings of the nests.
First we explored the way we could paint with watercolours and…

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American Adventures

This half term, Upper School are having a whirlwind tour of the USA! We have already begun by thinking of words we associate with the USA and looking at the diversity in landscapes across the country. We watched a timelapse film travelling through America. How many places do you recognise?

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Art & Design -Nests (depth and shading)

This half term, we will be observing birds’ nests and, using a range of media, will draw, paint and then create our own nests using clay or textiles. 
Today the class looked closely at the different nests that I brought in. We decided which birds they might have belonged to by looking…

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