Ancient Egyptian Research!

To fit into our 'ancient civilisations' topic, children have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have focused on some primary sources including the pyramids, artefacts and hieroglyphs already. This week, children looked at secondary sources including books, posters, recreated images and…

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The Jabberwocky!

Children have been working on a very exciting (and very messy) project this half-term!
We have been looking at the poem 'The Jabberwocky' By Lewis Carroll and considering what it is trying to portray to us. 
We have been using a fast, scribbling, expressive art style using monochrome colours to…

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Baucis and Philemon

In their English lessons, children have been focusing on scripts. 
We have already looked at some famous plays by William Shakespeare, which helped us learn the features of a play script. 
Once we were sure that we could read out a script fluidly, we were ready to take on a proper performance...…

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Clitheroe Castle Trip!

The children had a fantastic time this Friday visiting Clitheroe castle for their castle life event. 

We had the opportunity to cycle around some wonderful activities that taught us all about what life might have been like in a medieval castle. We got to experience the work that some of the…

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Decimals and Fractions!

This week, the children have been looking at decimals. 
They have been looking at how we can compare and order decimals, how they can add and subtract decimals and finally, how we can convert decimals to fractions. 
To try out our knowledge, we went on a hunt for different rocks with fractions,…

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Trust Games

In some of our PE lessons this half term, we will be focusing on team work
We kicked off this week with some team games that promoted good communication and problem solving skills. 
These games included sorting ourselves into order on a bench, passing a hoop over the whole team in a line and…

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Sounds all around

Our science topic for this half term is going to be sound. 

We began the topic by asking 'what is sound?' 

We spent this lesson exploring different types of sound and different ways that sound can be made. We investigated how sound can be changed.

We learned that sound is vibrations and…

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Sharing our Lauren Child Inspired Stories

On Friday we got the wonderful opportunity to share all of the hard work we put in last half term with our Lauren Child inspired books. 
We met with Lower school on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, partnered up with a reception, year one or year two and read them our stories. Lower school…

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Lauren Child Inspired Books

After our fantastic visit from Lauren Child last week, we came away feeling inspired! 
Children have spent several days carefully creating their own versions of Lauren Child's beautiful books. They have attempted to emulate the style of her writing and illustrations to create their own…

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Brilliant bags!

As you may know, middle school have been working on designing and creating bags in their DT project this half term. The children have worked incredibly hard throughout the topic with their researching, designing and learning techniques for sewing and stitching. 
Finally, all of their hard work…

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Platinum Jubilee!

Middle school have been celebrating the platinum jubilee today!
We have been creating portraits of the queen in pencil and then drawing them onto A3 sheets, painting them with watercolours. We all did a wonderful job at carefully copying the queen's features.
Children also enjoyed a jubilee…

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Middle School meet Lauren Child!

Middle school have been extremely lucky this week... they were one of the classes that were chosen to meet Lauren Child! 
We all had a wonderful time listening to some of Lauren's ideas behind her stories and learning more about her characters. She gave us plenty of brilliant information about…

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