Find It Friday Treasure Hunt!

The children really enjoyed their 'find it Friday' treasure hunt to finish off maths week. Children teamed up across all year groups to solve a series of hidden maths problems, questions and puzzles. We all had great fun!


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Think it Thursday

Think it Thursday saw the children taking on some challenging maths puzzles in the morning - including working out how many presents were delivered in total in the 12 days of Christmas song (spoiler- there were 364!) 
In the afternoon we were treated to a maths activities fayre by upper school.…

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Wear it Wednesday

For wear it Wednesday in our maths week, the children came dressed in maths inspired outfits. Here are middle school enjoying sharing their costumes with the rest of the school.

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Teamwork Tuesday

Our second day of maths week brought us 'teamwork Tuesday' where the children discussed the importance of working as a team to achieve their tasks. 
We begun with some team games, including 'flip the rug' where all of the children had to flip a blanket over whilst still being stood on top of it. 

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To kick off maths week, middle school have been learning about perimeter.
Once we had learned how to work out a perimeter, children set off into the classroom to measure and find the perimeter of as many rectangular objects as they could! 

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DIY Decoration!

On Friday afternoon, Middle school worked together to create some wonderful festive crafts for the classroom! We had a great time practicing our nativity songs as we created paper chains and snowflakes.


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Rock Detectives

This week in science, children became rock detectives! 
They learned about the properties of metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks with several different tests.
Firstly, children observed the rocks - there are lots of clues as to what kind of rock it might be in their appearance!

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Hothersall Lodge - Year 3, 4 and 5

The children in year 3, 4 and 5 loved their trip to Hothersall Lodge on Monday! Have a look at some of the wonderful photos of everyone having fun!

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German Speaking

The children have been consolidating some of their German speaking into sentences this week. We have learned how to express our favourite colours and how to say what we like and don't like. 
Have a listen to some of our year 4s speaking their German sentences.

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Charcoal Exploration

Following last week's session of using charcoal for the first time, children continued to explore the medium further this week. 
We began by learning about Edgar Degas and looking at how he used light and shadow in his work.
We looked at chiaroscuro (the study of dark and light) and had a try at…

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Charcoal Dogs

Our art topic for this half term is gestural drawings with charcoal. 

Children looked at artist Laura McKendry, who used charcoal to create texture in her drawings of dogs. 

We explored the different things we could do with charcoal to create textures including scribbling, smudging and…

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

Our new topic in geography this half term is earthquakes and volcanoes. 

The children kicked off the topic by learning what a volcano was. 
We then used to look at all of the volcanoes and earthquakes happening in the world at the moment - as well as…

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