We're 'sew' good!

Image of We're 'sew' good!

Middle school children have been looking at the artist Alice Kettle. 

Alice Kettle focuses on the natural world and looks at the patterns and shapes that come from it. She uses cloth and sewing to create her pieces of art.

The children were given a needle and thread to explore and create…

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Faith Friends - Hinduism

Image of Faith Friends - Hinduism

Last week we were extremely lucky to meet another faith friend - Prags Birk - who came in to teach us all about Hindusim. 
Prags explained to the children what Hinduism is and how Hindu's worship. She shared some artefacts and symbols that are important in Hinduism and showed children how and why…

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Let's Go Sing!

Image of Let's Go Sing!

Many children from KS2 had an amazing time on Friday night performing at Sing Together for a huge audience in Blackburn. 
The children did an absolutely amazing job of performing the songs we have been practicing with passion and professionalism. We all had a super fun time and took it as a…

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Middle School Handball

Image of Middle School Handball

Last Wednesday a fantastic group of girls from year 3 and 4 went to Garstang Academy to play handball against other small schools in the area. 

The team worked wonderfully together and we came a close second place in our games! Well done team!


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Snow Day!

Image of Snow Day!

Middle school loved enjoying the snow on Friday morning! 
We started off practicing some handwriting in the snow, and then moved on to creating some snow men! 

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Fabulous Fabrics

Image of Fabulous Fabrics

In art this week the children were inspired by artists Hannah Rae and Alice Kettle, who both use fabrics to create their art pieces.

Children were channelling their emotions into their art and took fabric with vastly different textures, colours and densities to use and create a collage. The…

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World Book Day 2023

Image of World Book Day 2023

This year we had a unique and fantastic world book day... we were visited by an actual author! Shane Hegarty (author of 'The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams') came into school for a hilarious talk with the children.

Inspired by Shane's visit, middle school spent most of our morning creating our…

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Inside a Flower

Image of Inside a Flower

In our science lessons we have been exploring how plants reproduce - children learned that a flower was not just a flower, but instead it was made up of lots of smaller parts with lots of different functions.

Children labelled the parts of the flower on their diagrams before having a look at a…

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Easter and our Emotions

Image of Easter and our Emotions

We have begun to look at the Easter story again in our RE lessons, this time focusing on the question: Is Easter a time of sadness or joy? 

We questioned what these different emotions were and explored how our positive feelings were more than just 'happy' and our negative feelings were more…

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Image of Maps!

Middle school have begun their new class topic of exploration, lending nicely into their geography topic of maps and mapreading.

We begun by investigating what maps were for and why we might need them.

We then investigated all of the different types of maps we can find - some were better for…

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Faith Friends - Buddhism

Image of Faith Friends - Buddhism

This week we had another very special guest visit us! 
Pagpa is a Buddhist monk at the Buddhist centre in Preson who came in to share what he does with the children. We learned about what Buddhists believe in and how they carry out their beliefs. The children in middle school had many interesting…

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Roman Day!

Image of Roman Day!

Today the children finished up their Roman topic in History with a Roman day. 
We began the morning with a 'Maths Mosaic' where children had to solve problems to find out how many squares of each colour to make - they then had to work out which colours went where on their pictures. This was made…

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