Inskip in the Past

Image of Inskip in the Past

In our geography this half term, we have been investigating has Inskip changed over time? 
In order to investigate this, we looked at maps from the past, from 1876 up until 1960. We compared the old maps to modern maps to see what has changed in our village. 

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Snow Day!

Image of Snow Day!

This week we were surprised by some fantastic snow on Tuesday. We managed to get outside before it all melted away and had great morning of making snowmen and playing in the winter wonderland!

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Starting on the Ukulele

Image of Starting on the Ukulele

This week, we had our first chance since September to have a try on the ukuleles. Middle school were brilliant listeners and picked lots up very quickly. We began by introducing the musical terminology needed with string instruments, then learning to hold them correctly. 
We learned our first…

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Where in the world are we?

Image of Where in the world are we?

To start off answering our geography question for the half term how has Inskip changed over time, we first began by looking at what we already know. Children used geographical resources to find out:

what continent we were on and what others are there?

What country are we in? And which…

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Animal Art

Image of Animal Art

The children have created some lovely drawings based on their favourite animal from the Chester zoo trip.

The focus was to copy the shape and form of the animal accurately and create a portrait.

Take a look at some of the amazing drawings below!

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Chester Zoo!

Image of Chester Zoo!

Middle School had an amazing trip this Tuesday to Chester zoo!

We saw so many wonderful animals and learned so much about how different classifications of animals actually look! 
The day began with a walk through the dark and mysterious bat cave, where we saw some huge and some tiny bats. We…

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Incredible Invertebrates

Image of Incredible Invertebrates

To finish up our science topic (and prepare us before our wonderful zoo visit next week) children explored how to group and sort invertebrates - focusing mostly on arthropods. Because the weather was too rainy outside, we used our insects and arachnid samples encased in resin. This gave the…

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Christmas Dancing

Image of Christmas Dancing

To end our dance topic in PE, we had a one off lesson focusing on Christmas! Children chose movement words from our dance vocabulary and turned them into a four or five step sequence. Our sequences were based around Christmas Day, with many children representing activities such as opening…

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Crafty cards

Image of Crafty cards

As a lovely treat, upper school came to join middle school this week for a crafty Christmas card creation! We played Christmas music and collaged beautiful Christmas pictures.

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Ancient Egypt Day

Image of Ancient Egypt Day

This week, the children had a very exciting day of consolidating their knowledge about Ancient Egypt. We begun with some Egyptian mathematics! We learned all about the pyramids in Egypt and discussed why they were made the way that they were. We discussed different kinds of pyramids and which was…

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RE - Hanukkah

Image of RE - Hanukkah

Our link to world faiths in our RE topic had us exploring the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. Last week, the children learned the story of Hanukkah and a little about the Jewish faith. This week, we took part in a Hanukkah tradition of dreidel. The children used lots of skills to help them…

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Classifying animals

Image of Classifying animals

In science we have been investigating classification of animals. Children have spent some time learning about the groups: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, mulloscs and arthropods. Children split into small groups to research each classification, create a poster and then feed back to the…

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