Christmas crafts!

Image of Christmas crafts!

To prepare our classroom for the festive period, the children spent a fun afternoon creating crafts. Firstly, we cut and created paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling! Secondly, we decorated a Christmas bauble to represent ourselves. Lastly, we had a competition to see which team could make…

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Creative challenge

Image of Creative challenge

In our art, we have been focusing on getting our artistic pieces to flow and use space. Children were challenged to listen to a piece of music and create anything that came to mind from the music. Children have begun to use lines and marks alongside drawn images in various ways to represent the…

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Times Tables Time!

Image of Times Tables Time!

We are looking at our times tables in middle school, which means learning new times tables for years 3 and revising some for year 4. We have all had a fantastic start with our 3s and 4s. Today we learned that we can use what knowledge we already have to help us fill in the rest of the times tables…

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Egyptian Art

Image of Egyptian Art

Our art topic for this half term is Ancient Egyptian Scrolls, inspired by our topic in history. Children have been looking at the colours and patterns often represented in ancient Egyptian art. They have been looking at how they can adapt this into a representation of themselves. Fantastic…

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Mythical moves

Image of Mythical moves

In our PE topic this half term we are looking at dance and the topic myths and legends. We begun with the myth of king Midas and his golden touch. Children imagined what it was like to be Midas and his daughter, Marigold, at different stages of the myth’s story. They translated these emotions and…

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Let’s Go Sing! Middle School

Image of Let’s Go Sing! Middle School

We had another wonderful visit from let’s go sing this week! The children in middle school loved joining in on the fun singing exercises and learning the new songs. They all did so well at learning and singing - we do have a talented lot!

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History Detectives

Image of History Detectives

To introduce our first history lesson of the year, we began with some historical inquiry skills. Being a historian is a lot like being a detective, you have to build a picture based on different clues. 
To start with, children were given various clues to a mystery. Each clue told a story by…

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Origami Folding

Image of Origami Folding

As part of our English for this half term, the children are beginning with looking at instructions. To begin, we identified the features of instructions by trying to follow some ourselves. The instructions we had were how to fold and make an origami crab. We did very well at following the…

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English - Prepositions

Image of English - Prepositions

This week in English we are beginning to look into writing instructions. Within instructions, children may need to use prepositions. To practice our prepositions, children moved around the room, writing their own sentences with prepositions. 

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Rainforest day

Image of Rainforest day

Middle school had their rainforest day this week! Children brought in their cuddly toys and donated £1each to put towards the rainforest trust. 
We worked together on a rainforest themed escape room, then we created some wonderful descriptive writing pieces.

finally, we created a group…

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Image of Computing

This week, middle school have been learning about networks. We created our own networks, as well as understanding how computers send messages.

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Gymnastics Routine

Image of Gymnastics Routine

Children have completed their gymnastics routines with their groups this week. The children have practiced really hard and have performed a wonderful routine using balances, rolls and jumps.

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