What Makes a Good Friend?

Image of What Makes a Good Friend?

Our PSHE topic this half term is what makes a good friend.

For our first lesson, the children thought about the values that they look for in a friend. They used their whiteboards to draw a picture of their friend and they wrote characteristics they would like their friend to have.
Some things…

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Using an atlas

Image of Using an atlas

Our topic in geography this half term is the rainforest. Children put their geography knowledge to the test and identified and named countries with rainforests!

Children did really well working in pairs and using an atlas!

Super job everyone!

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Balancing Sequences

Image of Balancing Sequences

One of our PE topics this half term is balancing in gymnastics. 
We begun this week by exploring points of balance and how to make our balances as varied and interesting as possible! 

The children worked with a partner to create a sequence of balances with two points, three points and then one…

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This is me!

Image of This is me!

Middle School have decided to work together to create a lovely whole-class display of our faces! 
We started this off my using mirrors to look at our own reflections and trying to accurately copy our facial features. We sketched them lightly in pencil before using paint to add wonderful bright…

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First Maths Lessons

Image of First Maths Lessons

We have started this year by looking at Place Value in our maths lessons. The children are already off to a wonderful start and are showing off their knowledge about place value with base 10 and part whole models.
We have shown fantastic team work in pairs and small groups! 
Off to a flying…

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Middle School 2023

Image of Middle School 2023

Please enjoy this video of the children throughout the year!

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Last Week Activities

Image of Last Week Activities

Middle school's last week of the school year has been filled with creativity this year! 
On Monday, the children were set the task of writing, scripting, filming and editing their own movie from start to finish. The children worked hard with their i-pads, using all of their knowledge from the…

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Faith Friends - Methodist

Image of Faith Friends - Methodist

This week, we had another very exciting visit from our Faith Friends, this time from the Methodist Church. 
We discussed their main values and beliefs and compared them to how how the Church of England shows their faith and worship. There were lots of interesting points discussed, including ones…

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School Disco (part 2)

Image of School Disco (part 2)

Great fun was had at the end of year disco! Everyone was up and dancing! DJ Taz made us laugh and astounded us with his fabulous magic too! Here are some pictures of the children busting some moves on the dance floor…

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Inskip Visits the Wild Boar Park (part 2)

Image of Inskip Visits the Wild Boar Park (part 2)

We absolutely loved our whole school trip to the Wild Boar Park! It brought elements of our Science, Geography and PSHE learning alive in front of our very eyes! 

We got the opportunity to get up close to some fascinating critters and reptiles and enjoyed exploring the farm animals - from…

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Making Mountains

Image of Making Mountains

Middle School have made some excellent progress on their Lake District mountain models in art this week. 
After initially modelling them last week with paper mache, we began to paint them this week.

How great do they look?!

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Moving Up Day

Image of Moving Up Day

On Monday we loved welcoming the year 2s into middle school ready to be our new year 3s! The current year 3 were super helpful with showing them what we do in middle school and supporting them.
We also got to welcome our newest friend, Gracie!

We did maths, English, PE and geography.

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