On Thursday, Middle school had a wonderful 'World Book Day'! 
We began the day with a reading and interpreting task all about the legendary Loch Ness monster! Children read key pieces of evidence, facts about the loch and theories presented to them for what Nessie could be. Children wrote key notes on their investigation sheets and assessed each piece of information. Once they had seen everything, children wrote their own summary of whether they thought there was or was not a monster in Loch Ness!

Next, we continued with our mythological theme and looked at creatures from Greek myths. These were often a mix of two or more animals. We decided to create our own mythological creature characters. Children were randomly given two animals to mash together! They drew a picture and wrote about it's special features and how it lived.

In the afternoon, children had a chance to look at the exciting book fair. After this, we shared in reading our books with children in upper school and lower school.
To end the day, children designed a book cover for the text we are looking at in our English lessons, Perseus and Medusa. 

World Book Day MS070324