Genres of Stories

Image of Genres of Stories

To start this half term, in our English lessons we are exploring how authors can change their writing for a purpose. We explored the purpose of different texts first of all, then moved onto looking at stories more closely. Within stories there are lots of genres which aim to show specific things…

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Working as a team!

Image of Working as a team!

One of our PE topics this half term is focusing on outdoor and adventurous activities, with a special focus on working as a team and communicating. 
To start things off this week, the rain unfortunately made us retreat inside, but we didn't let that get us down! Children were sorted into teams…

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Running Stitch

Image of Running Stitch

Middle School's DT topic this half term will be focusing on textiles and cross-stitch. To begin, we have gone over what we learned in previous years. Children were reminded how to thread a needle and how to complete a running stitch. We did so well!

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Bunny Drive

Image of Bunny Drive

The children all enjoyed the bunny drive on Wednesday after school! We loved rolling our dice to draw our Easter bunnies to win one of the fabulous prizes provided by the friends. What a wonderful event to bring everyone together! Big thank you to the friends for organising and running the…

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Greek Temples

Image of Greek Temples

For our art project of ‘3D sculpture’ we have used old cardboard to create some Greek temples. 
children made columns and roves and attached them together. They were bonded with paper mache. 

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The Greek Debate

Image of The Greek Debate

As we have been learning about Ancient Greece in our history topic, we have been investigating what life was like in different city states. 
In this lesson, we compared Athens and Sparta.

Children split into four groups, each affiliated with either Athens or Sparta. They researched reasons…

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The Digestive System

Image of The Digestive System

As our science topic on food chains and digestion comes to a close, the children took part in the most disgusting model of the digestive system! 
We started off with some food (bread) and chopped and crushed it using our incisors and molars (scissors and a potato masher). 
We added saliva…

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Lauren Child Visit - Middle School

Image of Lauren Child Visit - Middle School

This Thursday, the children had the fantastic treat of having Charlie and Lola author Lauren Child visit the school for the second time! We were so excited for her visit! 
Lauren talked to the children and signed their very own, special books!

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Middle School Glo-Dodgeball

Image of Middle School Glo-Dodgeball

This Thursday, nine children from Middle School set off to Garstang Academy to play in a glo-dodgeball tournament. This is a very fun and exciting game where the lights are turned out, the UV lights come on and the music plays loud! 
Inskip team played fairly and kindly with others and had an…

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Middle School World Book Day

Image of Middle School World Book Day

On Thursday, Middle school had a wonderful 'World Book Day'! 
We began the day with a reading and interpreting task all about the legendary Loch Ness monster! Children read key pieces of evidence, facts about the loch and theories presented to them for what Nessie could be. Children wrote key…

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Ancient Greek Art

Image of Ancient Greek Art

Middle school has been exploring 3D, texture and layers relating to Ancient Greeks. This week, we explored layering textures on top of paintings to create Ancient Greek inspired buildings using art straws.

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Performing a play

Image of Performing a play

This week, we have been looking at how to read play scripts. Children were split into groups and given scripts. The children sorted themselves into parts and then learned their lines. 
Each and every one of them worked incredibly hard and did an excellent job. It takes nerves to get up and…

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