Science - Investigating solutions, colloids and suspensions

Image of Science - Investigating solutions, colloids and suspensions

Today the Upper School children imagined they were working for the British Film Industry! They had to come up with a way of making five different types of soil to be used in a new film. They had to work out what materials would work best to make a solution, some colloids and some suspensions. They…

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Getting comfortable to improve our reading stamina…

Image of Getting comfortable to improve our reading stamina…

In Upper School, we have been focusing on our reading stamina (gradually increasing the duration of reading without distraction or before losing our concentration).


In class, we have a stopwatch which we glance at, the moment we find our concentration is going. Obviously some distractions…

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Let’s Go Sing!

Image of Let’s Go Sing!

Today the children in Upper School had their second rehearsal with one of the team from Let’s Go Sing. They thoroughly enjoyed listening to and learning the last four songs for the concert in March and we will continue to practise these in music lessons over the coming weeks. The children can also…

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English-Kaspar, Prince of Cats

Image of English-Kaspar, Prince of Cats

The new year means a new novel to enjoy and study in Upper School and this time we are reading Michael Morpurgo’s brilliant book, Kaspar, Prince of Cats. Today the children explored the character of Johnny Trott and the world that he lives in. They used role play and thought tapping to infer…

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Exploring Tudor Portraits

Image of Exploring Tudor Portraits

This half term, we are exploring portraits and what they portray. 

We analysed a portrait of Henry VIII and discussed how it portrayed power, status and character. We then created our own versions to portray contrasting messages…


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Kaspar - Prince of Cats by the wonderful Michael Morpurgo

Image of Kaspar - Prince of Cats by the wonderful Michael Morpurgo

Over the next few weeks, Upper School will be exploring ‘Kaspar - Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo. So far, we have compared alternative book covers, clarified vocabulary, practised active listening skills (we like doing this in Upper School! Doodling with intention!) and made many…

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Exploring new vocabulary linked to The Tudors…

Image of Exploring new vocabulary linked to The Tudors…

This week, Upper School have started their new topic…The Tudors! Their first challenge was to use secondary resources to find possible answers for their crossword clues. They learnt lots of new vocabulary and were able to recall meanings later on too! 

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Decorating the Church for Christmas

Image of Decorating the Church for Christmas

We were very excited in Upper School to accept the challenge proposed by Reverend Paul to decorate one of St Peter's Church windowsills for the Christmas services. We went down to Church and looked at the space we had, measuring it so that we knew what we had to work with and then we went to…

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Upper School’s Creative Games

Image of Upper School’s Creative Games

Today was our final lesson in our Creative Games series of learning. Over the past few weeks, we have practised dribbling, passing and throwing with basketballs, footballs and rugby balls in a series of different games - including games with attackers and defenders and the need to outwit your…

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Stories set during a historical time period

Image of Stories set during a historical time period

Upper School have continued to explore the book, ‘Otto: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear’ and have used it as inspiration for their own stories they have started writing (if children access these from home, please make sure that they continue to save their work regularly: there is no expectation…

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Learning to send and receive a rugby ball…

This week in PE, Upper School have continued to practise sending and receiving a rugby ball using a swing motion from their hip…aiming for the recipient’s chest. We have found it most unusual being able to travel forward but the rugby ball can only be passed backwards! 

In this week’s…

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Find It Friday Treasure Hunt

Image of Find It Friday Treasure Hunt

The children really enjoyed their 'find it Friday' treasure hunt to finish off maths week. Children teamed up across all year groups to solve a series of hidden maths problems, questions and puzzles. We all had great fun!


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