US PSHE: Safety First

Image of US PSHE: Safety First

As part of our new PSHE topic: Safety First, Upper School explored different scenarios and discussed their choices, options and feelings surrounding the situation. 

Upper School took to the task of discussing and debating with respect and confidence. They asked questions and showed brilliant…

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US Maths: exploring multiplication practically

Image of US Maths: exploring multiplication practically

Upper School used the base ten resources to explore the different parts of written multiplication questions (2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers). 

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US Gymnastics Lesson 2

Image of US Gymnastics Lesson 2

For Upper School’s second gymnastics lesson of Spring, they built on their sequences of balances and travelling from shape to shape from their first lesson. They used canon to vary the sequence and improved their balances (counter tension and counter balance) and ways of travel (sliding, jumping,…

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US Art: Joan Miro’s sculptures

Image of US Art: Joan Miro’s sculptures

Following on from our first Art lesson, we focused on sculptures created by Joan Miro. We observed, compared and discussed any colours and shapes that were similar to his drawings. We discovered that birds and eyes were a common theme of his work. 

We sorted photographs of his sculptures…

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US Art: exploring our new artist

Image of US Art: exploring our new artist

Upper School thoroughly enjoyed exploring pieces produced by our new artist of focus: Joan Miro. 

The children observed closely and discussed various pieces, making comparisons between them. The children listened to one another and shared their opinions brilliantly.

We enjoyed the…

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RE-Church Visit

Image of RE-Church Visit

The Upper School class have been learning about The Eucharist (Holy Communion) in our RE lessons this half term so today we walked down to church to learn a bit more from Rev Paul. He taught us about how special Communion is to Christians and we learnt about the symbols and artefacts used during…

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English- How to Live Forever Freeze Frames

Image of English- How to Live Forever Freeze Frames

Today the children explored the drama convention of Freeze Framing an event from our story, How to Live Forever. They were given a list of scenes from the book to choose from and then worked with a partner to freeze frame the scene like a photo. We had to believe they were the characters by the…

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Snow Fun!

Image of Snow Fun!

We just couldn’t resist getting outside into the snow this morning! Some of our children had never seen real snow before! We had great fun making snow people, rolling snow, sculpting snow and generally just throwing it around! Smiles all round. Enjoy the photos!

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Composing with ukulele

Image of Composing with ukulele

Ms Thornton was lucky enough to get to spend a music lesson with upper school this week! Of course we had to get out the ukuleles to see how much we remembered. The children did excellently, remembering their C and F chords with ease, and some children even remembering G7. After going through some…

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Christingle making

Image of Christingle making

This morning, Upper School learnt about and made Christingles ready for our last collective worship tomorrow morning. They loved learning about the symbolism of each part of the christingle and especially loved practising lighting them! After the service with Rev Paul, the children will bring…

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Basketball at Garstang Academy

Image of Basketball at Garstang Academy

9 Year 5/6 children chose to be part of a girls and boys netball team for a competition at Garstang Academy after school on Wednesday. The children spent three weeks practising their basketball skills during dinner breaks with Corey from Fleetwood Town Primary Stars and were definitely ready for…

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Advent Calendars

Image of Advent Calendars

The children in Upper School were challenged to make their own Advent calendar this half term and to bring it in for the class to use if they would like to. Jayden, Leo, Sophie, Beth and Flo all very kindly decided to bring their handmade designs in and we have all been enjoying opening the doors…

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