Middle School Children In Need

Middle School children stepped up this morning and ran around the school track in order to raise money for children in need. 
Children brought either their bike, a scooter or even ran around the running track as many times as they could, raising money for every lap they completed. 
We are…

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Gymnastics Friday Group

In Gymnastics today the Friday group learnt the skills of forward and backwards rolls. They then put together short sequences of jumps and rolls. Next week they will be exploring how to use large apparatus to perform balances and rolls. 

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Children In Need

Well done to our Upper School Councillors, Kial and Thomas who helped to organise and run today’s Children In Need charity event. The children ran, scooted or cycled around the school field to raise lots of money at play time today. We will let you know how much was raised next week. Thanks! 

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Firework Art

The children have been developing their art skills. Firstly the Year 1 and 2 children they a timed exercise where they practised looking closely at an object and doing some continuous lined drawings. 

Then we all looked closely at fireworks (whilst listening to Handel’s Music for the Royal…

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Dance and Music

Our week began excitedly recounting their experiences of Bonfire Night and lots of them enjoyed fireworks, bonfires and family fun.

We have been using our senses all week as we remembered the experiences of Bonfire Night, listened to beautiful music composed by George Frideric Handel and…

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Gymnastics Wednesday Group

This half term we have split Upper School into two groups for PE. While one group goes outside and learns hockey skills with Corey or Pete, the other group does gymnastics in the hall with Mrs Hurley. Today the group learnt different gymnastic rolls and put a short sequence together using the…

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Using Our Senses

As an extra activity to develop their skills of using their senses to explore the world around them and create great vocabulary the children played with my birthday roses that had started to die!

It was so lovely to see them enjoy an open ended task that began with them pulling the petals off…

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Fireworks Poems

The children worked hard to write their poems after lots of discussion and collecting of vocabulary to use. Well done everyone

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Choosing a chocolate...

To support out DT work with designing our own chocolate bar, we have been considering flavours we could use. In order to be able to market our bars effectively, we tasted the different kinds of chocolate as well as some fillings. We commented on the flavour and texture of each ingredient and…

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Classifying animals

Middle school have started a new topic in science - living things. 
We have begun by looking at different living things and considering how we could classify them. We learned that there are lots of ways we could classify living thigs. Here are a few the children came up with:
Legs or no legs.

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Middle School Councillors

A fantastic well done to the three candidates who put themselves forward to be councillors and represent Middle school. 
Emily, Florence and Evie all prepared speeches outlining what their aims were as councillors and why they would be a good fit for the role. 
The three girls were all overjoyed…

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Jesus the Messiah

Upper School had visitors from BSYM today who took the place of Helen to teach the children about Jesus the Messiah. Unfortunately, Helen wasn’t able to be with us today however Sue and Julie did a great job of standing in for her and we learnt lots of new vocabulary about the prophecy of Jesus’…

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