Many firsts for our new Lower School children!

Image of Many firsts for our new Lower School children!

Inskip welcomed five absolutely wonderful new Reception children to our school family! These photos showcase how well they navigated around school on their very first day of BIG SCHOOL and how big and brave they were to try their new school dinners. 

We are all so proud of each of…

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Science - Investigating Insulators

Image of Science - Investigating Insulators

Upper School are learning about materials and their properties in our science lessons and today they planned and carried out an investigation to find out which container would be the best for keeping some porridge hot. Tyreece came up with an enquiry question and then we thought about what we…

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Harvest Festival

Image of Harvest Festival

On Sunday 17th September, St Peter’s Church celebrated the harvest with a family service. The church was decorated beautifully for the occasion and part of that decoration were the Year 5/6 harvest prayers and their handmade fruits and vegetables.
It was great to see so many children in church…

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Mindful Moments

Image of Mindful Moments

Our topic in DT this half term is mindful moments timer. 

The children have been tasked with creating a timer to help when having quiet, mindful time to yourself. This week, we started by exploring what mindfulness is. 

Children were introduced to mindful colouring. We experimented with…

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What Makes a Good Friend?

Image of What Makes a Good Friend?

Our PSHE topic this half term is what makes a good friend.

For our first lesson, the children thought about the values that they look for in a friend. They used their whiteboards to draw a picture of their friend and they wrote characteristics they would like their friend to have.
Some things…

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Using an atlas

Image of Using an atlas

Our topic in geography this half term is the rainforest. Children put their geography knowledge to the test and identified and named countries with rainforests!

Children did really well working in pairs and using an atlas!

Super job everyone!

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Science- Testing Properties of Materials

Image of Science- Testing Properties of Materials

In Upper School, the children are learning about properties and changes of materials in Science. 
Today the children learnt the new vocabulary we will be using throughout the topic and also carried out a test of the different properties of some given materials such as a wooden spoon, a copper…

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English- Street Child

Image of English- Street Child

As our History topic is all about the Industrial Revolution this term, the Upper School Class have begun reading and studying the novel, Street Child by Berlie Doherty. This book is all about a real life child who inspired Dr Barnardo to set up his charity for destitute children during the…

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Creating a History Display

Image of Creating a History Display

The History topic for this term is ‘The Industrial Revolution’ so as part of our learning, Upper School are creating their own display board. To begin the board, the children designed their own silhouettes of industrial buildings or houses. Next the class will add a time line of events.  

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Balancing Sequences

Image of Balancing Sequences

One of our PE topics this half term is balancing in gymnastics. 
We begun this week by exploring points of balance and how to make our balances as varied and interesting as possible! 

The children worked with a partner to create a sequence of balances with two points, three points and then one…

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This is me!

Image of This is me!

Middle School have decided to work together to create a lovely whole-class display of our faces! 
We started this off my using mirrors to look at our own reflections and trying to accurately copy our facial features. We sketched them lightly in pencil before using paint to add wonderful bright…

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First Maths Lessons

Image of First Maths Lessons

We have started this year by looking at Place Value in our maths lessons. The children are already off to a wonderful start and are showing off their knowledge about place value with base 10 and part whole models.
We have shown fantastic team work in pairs and small groups! 
Off to a flying…

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