Wear it Wednesday

For wear it Wednesday in our maths week, the children came dressed in maths inspired outfits. Here are middle school enjoying sharing their costumes with the rest of the school.

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Teamwork Tuesday

Our second day of maths week brought us 'teamwork Tuesday' where the children discussed the importance of working as a team to achieve their tasks. 
We begun with some team games, including 'flip the rug' where all of the children had to flip a blanket over whilst still being stood on top of it. 

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‘Wear it Wednesday’ in Upper School with Mrs Allen…

This morning Upper School children came dressed up for ‘wear it Wednesday’. We had a ‘coder’, farmers, blackboard, footballers, chef, Miss Langley, dice and maths jokes as well as school children who love to learn maths.

We have had a challenge morning with a ‘paper bridge structure’ with just…

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Wear It Wednesday

We have had a very busy maths day! Take a look at these photos to see the activities and fun we’ve had doing a ‘maths March’ together. 


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Maths Week-Intergalactic Mission Part 2

In Upper School this morning, the children continued their intergalactic mission by solving some more mathematical challenges. The first involved 15 coins and 4 pots. The children had to find a way to arrange the coins into the pots to be able to make all the numbers 1-15. They discovered that…

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Maths Week Launch

It’s Maths Week this week at Inskip and we’re planning to celebrate, develop and enjoy our maths skills through lots of different activities.

In Lower School this morning we launched our week by thinking about Growth Mindset and how having a ‘can do’ attitude to all our learning makes us happy,…

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Maths Week- Recording Heart Rates

In our Science lesson today, the Upper School children investigated what happens to their heart rates during and after exercise. They enjoyed finding their pulse in different ways and taking measurements before and after exercise. The results showed them very clearly that their hearts needed to…

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To kick off maths week, middle school have been learning about perimeter.
Once we had learned how to work out a perimeter, children set off into the classroom to measure and find the perimeter of as many rectangular objects as they could! 

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Maths Week- Intergalactic Mission!

It’s Maths Week at Inskip, St Peter’s and Upper School have begun the week with an intergalactic mission! The children have been preparing for a space trip to the planet Turasmara by filling in a mission passport with lots of important details such as their height, arm span, leg length, length of…

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DIY Decoration!

On Friday afternoon, Middle school worked together to create some wonderful festive crafts for the classroom! We had a great time practicing our nativity songs as we created paper chains and snowflakes.


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Rock Detectives

This week in science, children became rock detectives! 
They learned about the properties of metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks with several different tests.
Firstly, children observed the rocks - there are lots of clues as to what kind of rock it might be in their appearance!

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Children in Need Fun

Wow Upper School! Thank you so much for inviting us to your AMAZING Pudsey Bear Bonaza! We had soooooo much fun raising money for Children in Need, your ideas for games were fabulous!


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