Greek Temples

Image of Greek Temples

For our art project of ‘3D sculpture’ we have used old cardboard to create some Greek temples. 
children made columns and roves and attached them together. They were bonded with paper mache. 

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Super Sisters!

Image of Super Sisters!

This week Leah and Ellie were are our certificate winners for super learning, well done girls. 

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The Greek Debate

Image of The Greek Debate

As we have been learning about Ancient Greece in our history topic, we have been investigating what life was like in different city states. 
In this lesson, we compared Athens and Sparta.

Children split into four groups, each affiliated with either Athens or Sparta. They researched reasons…

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The Digestive System

Image of The Digestive System

As our science topic on food chains and digestion comes to a close, the children took part in the most disgusting model of the digestive system! 
We started off with some food (bread) and chopped and crushed it using our incisors and molars (scissors and a potato masher). 
We added saliva…

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Lauren Child Visit - Middle School

Image of Lauren Child Visit - Middle School

This Thursday, the children had the fantastic treat of having Charlie and Lola author Lauren Child visit the school for the second time! We were so excited for her visit! 
Lauren talked to the children and signed their very own, special books!

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Easter Decorating

Image of Easter Decorating

We have been doing lots of maths whilst decorating for Easter this week. The children have sorted eggs into different groups by colour, size, speckles, not speckles and other ways! They have improved their fine motor skills by picking up and placing the buttons on the pathways from the eggs making…

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Easter Cards

Image of Easter Cards

Our Reception children have made some beautiful Easter cards. After learning about why we celebrate Easter they made a scene celebrating new life. 

Here are a few photos of the children starting the finger painting …

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Super Learners

Image of Super Learners

Well done to our certificate winners this week!

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Year 2’s Arrays

Image of Year 2’s Arrays

Year 2 are learning about multiplication and division in maths at the moment. This week they were exploring arrays. 


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Creating Stories

Image of Creating Stories

Our Reception children have been very busy learning this week. They have been doing all sorts of different activities here is a photo of them after they had created a whole world which they used to tell some fantastic stories.

Well done Reception superstars!

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Upper School’s Art Gallery

Image of Upper School’s Art Gallery

What an incredible gallery of sculptures! Upper School loved setting up their final piece and choosing how they wanted it to be photographed….


We then enjoyed viewing all the captured gallery pictures on the big screen and sharing our thoughts on each piece. We were amazed by some of the…

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US Creating our sculptures

Image of US Creating our sculptures

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have worked brilliantly on their art sculptures - inspired by the art work of Joan Miro…


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