Upper School WW2 Trip

On October 6th, Upper School had an incredibly fun day at Hangar 42 Spitfire Centre. We learnt so much from the experts and the day was filled with opportunities to explore and find out new things. The topics covered were Codes and Ciphers, Aviation, Evacuees and the experiences of those involved…

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Making beats and rhythms

This week in music, the children have been using the charanga apps to create their own beats using percussion. This ties in with our learning in music this half term - which has been focused on rhythm, beat and pulse in songs. Whilst much of what we have already done has been played with real…

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Car Designs

We are very excited to share that some of the children in Middle school have finished their cars in DT! They have carefully measured and cut out cardboard panels for the body of the car to make them as streamlined and aerodynamic as possible. 

These are just the first few cars that have been…

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Painting Autumn Leaves

The children have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with metallic wax crayons and Brusho crystal colours. They drew the natural objects, leaves, that they had studied last week in metallic wax crayons using the skills they have learnt in previous weeks. 

This week I introduced them to wax resist…

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Penguin Facts

We are learning about non-fiction texts as the children are gathering information ready to write their own non-fiction book about penguins. We have chosen to learn about penguins as it has allowed some great cross curricular learning with our science (learning about animals) and goeography…

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Science- The Visible Spectrum

Today’s science learning was all about the visible spectrum and how light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow! 
The children explored this through the refraction of sunlight or torchlight through a prism. The results were spectacular! Leo managed to split the sunlight coming through the…

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Autumn Leaves 2022

As part of our science and art learning this term we have been noticing the changes in seasons and nature around us. On our visit to Humblescough Farm last week https://inskip.lancs.sch.uk/blog/2022-09-29-18-23-02-humblescough-farm we observed closely the leaves on the trees and ground preparing…

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Reception's Learning Week 5 2022

Take a look at the learning our super EYFS children have been doing this week, we have started learning the Phase 2 sounds and the children are making great progress.



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Super Sentences

Children have been writing stories in their English this half term. 
As part of this, we have been looking at direct speech in our writing. Children participated in a variety of activities to sort direct speech and write their own sentences. Middle school are doing so well with their…

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Stone Age Day

This week, middle school took part in a stone age themed day to immerse ourselves in our topic for the term. 
Children came in to sit on the furs around a fire where they listened to the sounds of the forest. 
Next, we learned about Skara Brae and how archaeologists find primary and secondary…

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Science- Light

Here is a gallery of some of the brilliant work and learning the children have been doing in their science lessons over the past few weeks. We have learnt that light travels in straight lines, that we see things because light reflects from objects and into our eyes, that light reflects from shiny…

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Internet Safety

Middle school have explored internet safety as part of their computing lessons this week. 
Children have considered what is safe to post online and who we should share information with. Children also considered how we can tell if something online is real or not! Everyone signed a 'safer internet'…

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