Summer Term Wk 4 Monday 11.5.20 lessons

Good morning everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. 

New things to look at on the internet ... have you discovered the Literacy Trust's website yet? It has some great activities on there that you might like to do. For example  'Drawing…

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Summer Term Wk 3 Thursday 7.5.20 lessons

Good morning everyone!

The stars of the blog this morning are Miss Haynes's Dad's meerkats! They are very interested the sign that Miss Haynes put on their window aren't they?

It will be Sophia's birthday on Sunday 10th May so we wish you a big Happy Birthday Sophia! We hope you have a…

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Summer Term Wk 3 Wednesday 6.5.20 lessons

Good Morning everyone, it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day!

Today's star of the blog is Charlie!  Charlie found some pottery when he was digging in our bark pit and just like an archaeologist he used clues to imagine all sorts of reasons as to why it was there and where it might of…

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Summer Term Wk 3 Tuesday 5.5.20 lessons

The stars of the blog this morning are Miss Haynes's Dad's pigs!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to all our new children starting in September and their parents on the phone. I am so excited to be welcoming you to our Inskip family Sophia, Isabella, Lilly, Olivia, William, Duke, Tom,…

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Summer Term Wk 3 Monday 4.5.20 Lessons

Good Morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

Today's star of the blog is Sophie! Sophie has been doing lots of great learning at home, she has created the paper she is holding by a painting technique called marbling, well done Sophie it looks great! 

Are you doing PE with…

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Friday 1.5.20 lessons

Good Morning everyone Happy 1st of May!

The weeks do seem to whizz along and now it is Friday again! I hope you have enjoyed your learning at home this week well done for whatever you have managed to do. The stars of the blog today are Miss Haynes's chicks! They fit in beautifully with…

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Thursday 30.4.20 lessons

Good Morning, 

I hope you are all well today, this morning's fabulous photo was taken by Miss Haynes on her walk along the beach last night where she wrote a message to us all. Happy 100th birthday to Captain Tom Moore today, he is a special man, I know lots of you made him a card, Harry and…

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Wednesday 29.4.20 lessons

Good Morning, 

Today's star of the blog is Leo's lunch! Leo was such a great learner yesterday, he did all his home learning in the morning (and it was great learning) so he had finished by lunchtime and had the whole afternoon to play!  What a great idea. He was so happy that he drew a big…

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Tuesday 28.4.20 Lessons

Good Morning, 

Maddison is today's star of the blog with her fabulous 'good morning' painting, Maddison has even painted Supertato in her picture inspired by all the work about Supertato she has been doing in her maths learning, thank you Maddison!

It was Ada's birthday on Saturday, I am…

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Monday 27.4.20 Lessons

Good Morning everyone,

Miss Haynes is today's star of the blog! Miss Haynes lives in Blackpool and is able to walk to the beach to get her hour of exercise every day, isn't she lucky? 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I did, my plants are growing so well in my greenhouse and I planted…

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Friday 24.4.2020 lessons

Good Morning, 

Thank you to all our lovely parents who are working so hard juggling your work and keeping your children learning at the same time, you are all doing a great job. I really appreciate and LOVE seeing the children and their work in the photos and videos you send me please keep…

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Thursday 23.4.2020 lessons

Good morning, Happy Thursday!

Today's stars of the blog are Sophie, Kial and Abigail with a beautiful sunny Good Morning!

I have recorded two more stories and sent you the links via email so look out for those. Don't forget to tell me if you have a favourite book you would like me to record…

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