A debate on tourism

Image of A debate on tourism

As part of our geography topic the Lake District we learned about how tourism has positive and negative impacts in some areas. We explored why people would want to visit the Lake District and all of the positive factors. We also explored the negatives.

Once we had our facts, children split into…

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Arty Afternoons

Image of Arty Afternoons

Last Friday, the children were treated to an artsy afternoon with Mrs Allen! They got to use mixed media to create a piece based upon the Lake District. This included doing bubble painting, soft and oil pastels, watercolours and collage. They had some fantastic results.

As you will know,…

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The Invasion of the Robots!

Image of The Invasion of the Robots!

Lower School absolutely loved displaying their final creation and loved taking them on an adventure around school! 

We are so proud of their creativity and teamwork!


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Frankie & Me Rehearsals

Image of Frankie & Me Rehearsals

The Year 5 and 6s have worked so hard these past few weeks to learn and rehearse their end of year play-Frankie & Me. It’s all coming together now and we had our first audience today-Corey! He smiled and laughed his way through the performance and gave it 9/10 at the end. We can’t wait to perform…

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Romeo and Juliet- Debate

Image of Romeo and Juliet- Debate

This morning the Upper School class took part in a debate to decide who was responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet. The children were already in two groups- the feuding families-the Montagues and the Capulets and they had already prepared their arguments last week. Now all they had to do…

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Robots have visited!!

Image of Robots have visited!!

Over the last few weeks, Lower School has been thoroughly enjoying our Robots topic! 

The Year 1’s and Reception have been loving reading ‘No-Bot…The Robot With No Bottom!’ and we have all enjoyed exploring short stories and animations featuring robots.

Lower School have also enjoyed…

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We are learning lots of new things in PE!

Image of We are learning lots of new things in PE!

Over the last few weeks, we have been focusing on our Sports Afternoon and preparing for all the different races and activities. 

We have been learning how to work together in a relay race, how to hold a bow to aim at an archery target and how to move whilst balancing an object.

We are…

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Romeo and Juliet Debate Preparation

Image of Romeo and Juliet Debate Preparation

Upper School have been reading and studying Romeo and Juliet in our English lessons. This week we finished the play and discussed the themes that run through the plot. The children then divided into two groups, the Montagues and the Capulets. The objective was to prepare arguments for who was to…

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Reciting a poem from memory

Image of Reciting a poem from memory

As part of our ongoing topic of the lake district, the children have been looking at some of William Wordsworth's poems. 

The children had to learn one of his poems off by heart in a small group - they were then to recite this poem to the rest of the class!

You can watch their recital down…

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Image of Archery

This week middle school have had a bit of a different PE experience! They have had a try at archery in order to prepare for the archery event at the upcoming sports afternoon. 

Children all learned very quickly and did well at the activity!

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Rounders Competition at Garstang Academy

Image of Rounders Competition at Garstang Academy

It was wonderful to be able to take 19 children from Y5/6 to Garstang Academy  to take part in a rounders tournament with several other small schools in the area. So many children signed up that I had to put them into two teams to take part! The first match was against each other which actually…

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We love counting!

Image of We love counting!

Our little Rainbow group have been working so hard to recognise numbers to 20 and counting out various items. We have also been practising how to form the written numbers 0 - 10 and doing an incredible job!


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