Famous Explorers

Image of Famous Explorers

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about famous explorers. The children have learnt about people who explored space, hot places and cold places in the past. They’ve also spent time thinking about what equipment they would need if they were to go exploring to any of these places nowadays…

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Stop Motion Animation

Image of Stop Motion Animation

To finish our computing topic of 'stop motion animation' We have made an animation using a series of photographs. The children used i pads to take a series of photographs to make an animal toy or classroom object appear as if it was moving. This can be difficult as it needs to move only a slight…

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Geography Fieldwork

Image of Geography Fieldwork

This week, middle school rounded off their 'How has Inskip changed over time?' topic with some geography fieldwork out in the village. This involved the children walking through the village and spotting human and physical features they could see. 
We worked out which human features were older…

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Oliver’s Challenge!

Image of Oliver’s Challenge!

We are so thrilled for Oliver as when he set himself the challenge of a new Rubik’s cube, we didn’t realise it was going to be so big! A 15 by 15 cube is a real achievement and it only took him three days, spending about an hour a day completing it. He said, “It was actually really easy! It just…

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Coding Careers Talk

Image of Coding Careers Talk

We had a fantastic visit from some very clever and lovely students from Lancaster University Physics Department. They came to talk to Middle School and Upper School about Coding and some careers that the children might want to consider for their futures which involve coding. 
The children were…

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US Art: creating Joan Miro sculptures

Image of US Art: creating Joan Miro sculptures

The Play-doh is out again!!! Yay!!!! 

Upper School decided which of Joan Miro’s statues they wanted to try and recreate using items to hand.

They were incredibly inventive using various objects as different tools and accessories.

We talked about strengthening our sculptures…which lead…

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US and LS Reading Buddies!

Image of US and LS Reading Buddies!

Upper School invited Lower School for an afternoon reading buddy session! It was GORGEOUS!!

Lower School read their books to their buddy and were asked questions too…

We then swapped to give Upper School the chance to read to their buddy too…

Looking forward to inviting Lower School back…

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US: Dance - Conveying characters

Image of US: Dance - Conveying characters

Over the last couple of weeks, Upper School have been exploring how to convey character’s feelings and emotions through a sequence of travels, turns, gestures and stillness…

The characters of focus are Robin Hood, Will, Marion and the Sheriff. Each have their own feelings which we have been…

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US English: creating characters for our stories

Image of US English: creating characters for our stories

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have been immersed into innovating our focus text - ‘How to Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson. 

As part of the journey, Upper School got creative with their new pots of Play-doh (exciting times!!) to bring to life some of the characters or items from their…

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DT - Making Biscuits

Image of DT - Making Biscuits

For our DT topic, children have been tasked with designing their own biscuits and biscuit brand. This week, we made our own shortbread biscuits to put the method of making them to the test. Children followed instructions to measure out, mix and roll their own biscuits. 
Baking allowed children to…

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Science- measuring objects in Newtons and Kilograms

Image of Science- measuring objects in Newtons and Kilograms

Today in Science, the children learnt about gravity and what we measure the force of gravity in. They used newton meters to weigh objects in newtons and then compared that with the mass of the objects in grams or kilograms. The children noticed a pattern between newtons and grams. Jack said that…

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The Magic Bed

Image of The Magic Bed

As part of our author study we have begun a series of writing activities based on John Burningham’s story called The Magic Bed this week. It’s a great story about a boy called Georgie who, instead of buying a brand new bed from the department store as his Grannie wishes, buys a bed from an…

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