Rainforest Posters

To round up our topic on the rainforest, middle school have combined their knowledge of facts about the rainforest with some advice on saving the rainforest from it's current deforestation and habitat loss issues to create a poster. 
Middle school hope that their posters will reach people and…

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Fabulous Vector Creations

Upper School have now completed their course on Vector drawing. During their lessons, they have learnt layering, shading, how to copy images, rotate  and manipulate images.  The results are fantastic!


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Science -Separating Materials

Today the learning was all about the different processes of separating materials. The children were given the task of separating a mixture of paper clips, raisins, flour and salt. To do this they used a magnet to remove the paper clips, a sieve to separate the raisins from the flour and then they…

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Syllable search

In middle school we love getting inspiration from the wonderful nature and outdoor areas we are blessed with at our school! 
This week, children have begun exploring syllabic poetry, focusing firstly on haikus. 
We knew that to write a haiku, we would need to focus on how many syllables we used…

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Time for times tables

Children have begun to learn their times tables in maths. Times tables are essential to unlock many other mathematical skills and are one of the main things we learn in year 3 and 4 maths. 
We have started off by looking at times tables conceptually and understanding what it means when we…

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Gymnastics Equipment!

The children have expanded on what they have been learning with their balance, movement and control and have been applying those skills to movement across obstacles. 
This week, the challenge was made greater as the children had objects and pathways that were more difficult to navigate. 

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RE-Life as a Journey

The Upper School children have loved finding out about Christian life journeys from our visitors-Helen and Rev. Paul. They have today discussed how Jesus’ life journey influences the way that Christians behave and live their lives. We also learnt a new word…pilgrimage! We watched videos of…

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Our School In The Past

As part of our theme ‘The Place Where I Live’ this half term we are learning about the history of our school and we have been great detectives looking closely at life in the past through photos and artefacts. 

We are lucky to have some amazingly interesting log books from when our school first…

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ERIC time

We love reading in Lower School and we have special time to enjoy books, comics and newspapers as often as we can. We call it ERIC time and the name stands for Everyone Reading In Class. 

Have a look at these photographs...

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Schools In The Past

Did you know that during Victorian times there could be up to 60 children in a class? That meant that 5 children would have to share just two chairs. We tried it! As you can see from the main photo we found that it would be very tricky to concentrate so squished and very difficult to write!


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Superb Stories

Upper School are experiencing a ‘fiction frenzy’! As well as our new class novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (which we are thoroughly enjoying so far), we are enthused by the new books that we recently have in school.  Titles such as Once Upon a Crime, Robin Hood, The Boy Who Flew With…

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Rainforest Collage

We have been inspired by Henri Rousseau's art work of the rainforest and of all the different shapes, colours and sizes that he uses in his pieces. 
We decided to use this to inspire some collages. 
We considered how Rousseau layered his work to give it depth and how he made the animals in his…

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