RE- Visit to Church

Last Tuesday, the Upper School children completed their RE topic about why Christians read the Bible by visiting St Peter’s Church and meeting Rev Paul. He told us all about the special Bible they use in services on a Sunday and why the Bible is so important to Christians. It was a good…

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Reading Tricky Words Challenge

We are busy practising reading tricky words and high frequency words by seeing how many we can read in two minutes! Once the children have had one round against the timer they have to challenge themselves to go faster and beat their score the next time. 




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Zog Visits Lower School

This week we had a surprise visitor, it was Zog the dragon! He found him in our classroom with a copy of his school report from Madam Dragon. 

We read the story and began doing different English activities …



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Charcoal Dogs

Our art topic for this half term is gestural drawings with charcoal. 

Children looked at artist Laura McKendry, who used charcoal to create texture in her drawings of dogs. 

We explored the different things we could do with charcoal to create textures including scribbling, smudging and…

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

Our new topic in geography this half term is earthquakes and volcanoes. 

The children kicked off the topic by learning what a volcano was. 
We then used to look at all of the volcanoes and earthquakes happening in the world at the moment - as well as…

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Geology Rocks!

Our science topic for this half term is rocks and fossils. We began our topic by exploring the different types of rocks and learning a little about how they were formed. 
We initially sorted different rock types into 'natural' and 'manmade'.
After this, we investigated some real rocks and looked…

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Our next topic is The Great Fire Of London

I hope you’re all having a great half term break, we have some really interesting learning happening next half term, have a look at these videos and interactive games and start learning about The Great Fire of London …

Watch this video  

Play the game on this website … 

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Pumpkin Printing

As a maths activity this week in EYFS creating patterns all the children have had the opportunity to print with Duplo blocks to create patterns on pumpkins. As part of raising awareness about recycling, as it is recycling week this week, we reused packing paper that had come in parcel to print…

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We've Finished Our Cars!

After weeks of designing, planning, cutting, measuring, colouring and sticking - middle school have finally completed their ongoing DT project of our cars. 

Each car has a wooden chassis and a set of speedy wheels on an axel. 

Every body was custom designed to be as aerodynamic and…

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Writing and Performing a Limerick!

This week, middle school have been learning about poems - with a focus on Limericks. 

The children studied different kinds of poems and learned about the language used when working with poetry. We looked at a variety of limericks and learned how to write a Limerick for ourselves.


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Chatting at the hairdressers!

This week the children have had fun pretending to be hairdressers as they gave the cardboard rolls haircuts, legs, skirts  and trousers as part of a PSHE and fine motor skills activity.

We used photos of children showing different emotions to spark conversation and as the children were busy…

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English- The Arrival

Upper School has been reading The Arrival by Shaun Tan over the past week. It is a fascinating graphic novel which tells the story of a man’s journey from his family to a new country and new life.
Today the children explored the scene when he arrives at the immigration office and the difficulties…

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