English- How to Live Forever Freeze Frames

Image of English- How to Live Forever Freeze Frames

Today the children explored the drama convention of Freeze Framing an event from our story, How to Live Forever. They were given a list of scenes from the book to choose from and then worked with a partner to freeze frame the scene like a photo. We had to believe they were the characters by the…

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Snow Fun!

Image of Snow Fun!

We just couldn’t resist getting outside into the snow this morning! Some of our children had never seen real snow before! We had great fun making snow people, rolling snow, sculpting snow and generally just throwing it around! Smiles all round. Enjoy the photos!

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Christingle making

Image of Christingle making

This morning, Upper School learnt about and made Christingles ready for our last collective worship tomorrow morning. They loved learning about the symbolism of each part of the christingle and especially loved practising lighting them! After the service with Rev Paul, the children will bring…

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Basketball at Garstang Academy

Image of Basketball at Garstang Academy

9 Year 5/6 children chose to be part of a girls and boys netball team for a competition at Garstang Academy after school on Wednesday. The children spent three weeks practising their basketball skills during dinner breaks with Corey from Fleetwood Town Primary Stars and were definitely ready for…

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Advent Calendars

Image of Advent Calendars

The children in Upper School were challenged to make their own Advent calendar this half term and to bring it in for the class to use if they would like to. Jayden, Leo, Sophie, Beth and Flo all very kindly decided to bring their handmade designs in and we have all been enjoying opening the doors…

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Science- Investigating circuits

Image of Science- Investigating circuits

The children planned their own scientific investigation into circuits today. They wanted to know whether the length of the wires in a circuit made a difference to the brightness of a bulb or the speed of a motor. The class decided what equipment they would need and how they would record their…

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RE- Jesus is Coming!

Image of RE- Jesus is Coming!

Today the children thought about the fourth candle on the Advent wreath which symbolises God’s People. We discussed the importance in the Christian faith of the Second Coming of Christ and how God’s people prepare for this in their hearts and minds during the Advent season through prayer and…

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RE-Advent Wreath

Image of RE-Advent Wreath

Over the past three weeks, Upper School has been learning about the season of Advent and the significance to Christians of the Advent Wreath. The children have learnt about the meaning of each of the candles-prophets Isaiah and Micah, John the Baptist and Mary Mother of Jesus. This week we also…

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Year 6 visit to Protect the Planet Event - Liverpool FC

Image of Year 6 visit to Protect the Planet Event - Liverpool FC

We are so lucky to have been chosen to take part in the Primary Stars and Premier League Protect the Planet event today at Anfield. The children at Inskip, St Peter’s were chosen to take part after being involved in the Walk To School Project in the summer term with Corey from Fleetwood Town. 

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Crazy Hair Day 2023

Image of Crazy Hair Day 2023

What a fantastic lot of crazy hair children I have in my class today! Such a lot of effort has been put in and we’ve got loads of brilliant prizes for our Christmas Fayre on Saturday 2nd December now! Thank you parents and carers! 

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Glow Dodgeball 2023

Image of Glow Dodgeball 2023

Ten Upper School children took part in a dodgeball tournament at Garstang Academy yesterday but it was a bit different to normal…it was in the dark! The dodgeballs were glow in the dark so they could be seen and we made sure we wore our white PE kits so we would glow too! The children had great…

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Science - Investigating Circuits

Image of Science - Investigating Circuits

Upper School enjoyed investigating different types of circuits in our Science lesson this week. They were given tasks on each table to explore including, trying to make a light bulb glow brighter or making a switch out of paperclips. This work will lead us onto more technical work such as drawing…

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