Times Table Grand Prix

Image of Times Table Grand Prix

Upper School have learnt that times tables crop up in such a vast amount of their learning so we love finding new ways to keep our times table recall fresh and speedy!

See if you can improve your rate of answering…can anyone beat Miss Langley’s rate of 43 questions per minutes?


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Gymnastic Displays

Image of Gymnastic Displays

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have been learning how to create and improve a sequence of balances, shapes and movements. They have all worked brilliantly and RESOURCEFULLY to build a sequence consisting of counter balances, counter tension, various travelling moves to transition from one…

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Safer Internet Day

Image of Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day across the country and we were privileged to have a lesson led by our favourite sports coach, Corey, who taught us all about showing respect to each other online. The children role played text message scenarios and made decisions about whether or not to send particular…

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Let’s Go Sing- the last rehearsal!

Image of Let’s Go Sing- the last rehearsal!

Upper School and Middle School enjoyed a session of singing with Matthew from the Let’s Go Sing team. He was so impressed with how well the children knew the songs and lyrics and encouraged the children to continue practising over the holidays. We can’t wait to perform with all the other schools…

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English-Kaspar, Prince of Cats

Image of English-Kaspar, Prince of Cats

The new year means a new novel to enjoy and study in Upper School and this time we are reading Michael Morpurgo’s brilliant book, Kaspar, Prince of Cats. Today the children explored the character of Johnny Trott and the world that he lives in. They used role play and thought tapping to infer…

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Hothersall Lodge - Year 6

Image of Hothersall Lodge - Year 6

What a fantastic day we had on our outdoor and adventurous day at Hothersall Lodge! Here are some photos from our day…

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PE- Glow Dodgeball

Image of PE- Glow Dodgeball

Well done to the Y5/6 children who went along after school to play Glow Dodgeball at Garstang Academy! They had great fun playing against other small schools from the area and it was very exciting playing in fluorescent lighting! 
Mrs Hurley 

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English- Writing Formal Letters

Image of English- Writing Formal Letters

Over the past couple of lessons, Y5/6 have been planning and drafting a letter to be sent out to companies around the local area to see if they would be willing to gift the school something for the Christmas fayre in two week’s time. The children have been using persuasive devices in their writing…

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RE- Visit to Church

Image of RE- Visit to Church

Last Tuesday, the Upper School children completed their RE topic about why Christians read the Bible by visiting St Peter’s Church and meeting Rev Paul. He told us all about the special Bible they use in services on a Sunday and why the Bible is so important to Christians. It was a good…

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English- The Arrival

Image of English- The Arrival

Upper School has been reading The Arrival by Shaun Tan over the past week. It is a fascinating graphic novel which tells the story of a man’s journey from his family to a new country and new life.
Today the children explored the scene when he arrives at the immigration office and the difficulties…

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Science- The Visible Spectrum

Image of Science- The Visible Spectrum

Today’s science learning was all about the visible spectrum and how light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow! 
The children explored this through the refraction of sunlight or torchlight through a prism. The results were spectacular! Leo managed to split the sunlight coming through the…

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Let’s Go Sing!

Image of Let’s Go Sing!

Middle School and Upper School are excited to be involved in Let’s Go Sing 2022. We had our first rehearsal on Friday afternoon with Rose one of the fantastic musical directors of the project. She taught us some of the songs we will be performing on March 10th 2023 at King George’s Hall,…

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