The Unforgotten Coat-Role Plays

Image of The Unforgotten Coat-Role Plays

In English today, we read a section of our novel where the main character discovers where the two Mongolian boys live and goes there to give back a coat…it was a very dramatic scene and full of action and emotion. 
The children enjoyed rehearsing and performing their own role plays of this scene…

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Nailing Netball Skills!

Image of Nailing Netball Skills!

This half term, Upper School have ‘thrown’ themselves into their PE lessons with an awesome abundance of enthusiasm! 

We are learning skills to play Netball-type games (from sending and receiving the ball with accuracy to using space and communication to work effectively in a team) and…

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Evidence Explorers!

Image of Evidence Explorers!

In History, Upper School have been getting to grips with evidence this week. They have been learning to give reasons for the different versions of the past. To help us understand this a little more, we took part in a whole class puzzle: trying to work out what actually happened last weekend based…

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English -The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Image of English -The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Today the children were introduced to their new novel ‘The Unforgotten Coat’ by exploring the strange coat that was hung up in the classroom last week. They discussed the facts they knew about the coat such as its colour, type of coat and heaviness. Abigail then discovered some Polaroid pictures…

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Exciting Writing

Image of Exciting Writing

The children of Upper School have begun the new year with some ‘pre-assessments’ to show Mrs Hurley and Miss Langley the skills that they have already embedded. This will inform our future planning for the class, making sure that we teach the children exactly what they need next in their learning.…

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School Disco

Image of School Disco

It’s always a pleasure to be entertained by Taz at the school disco! He kept everyone entertained, dancing and laughing for the whole hour! He even got Mrs Humphries up to the front and sent her off with a ‘bang’! 

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KS2 Musical Concert

Image of KS2 Musical Concert

What a fantastic afternoon we had today when Middle School and Upper School came together to perform a musical concert for the parents! 
The children have all worked hard to learn several songs and to play instrumental accompaniments on glockenspiels and ukuleles. The audience were also treated…

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Author Visit -Andrew Michael Hurley

Image of Author Visit -Andrew Michael Hurley

We had a visit from an award winning author this morning (and also husband of Mrs Hurley)!

It was a real treat to meet Andrew Michael Hurley who has written the award winning novel, The Loney and more recently, Starve Acre which has been turned into a BBC Film. 
Mr Hurley talked to the class…

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Hothersall Lodge Year 6 Part 2

Image of Hothersall Lodge Year 6 Part 2

More pictures from our adventure!

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Hothersall Lodge -Year 6

Image of Hothersall Lodge -Year 6

Year 6 had an amazing day at Hothersall Lodge! We began the day on canoes in lovely warm sunshine and enjoyed learning to paddle, to work together and competed in fun canoeing games. After that there was only one thing to do…jump in the lake and cool off! 
After our yummy packed lunches were…

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Curling Week 5

Image of Curling Week 5

On our final week at the curling rink, Upper School enjoyed playing in teams of three against each other. One player was ‘skip’, one was a ‘sweeper’ and one throwing the stones. The success rate was much better this week with many of the children’s shots going into the ‘house’ (target). The…

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Science - Biodiversity Study

Image of Science - Biodiversity Study

Today Upper School learnt about biodiversity and how important it is. We also went out into the school grounds and conducted our own biodiversity study (minibeast hunt) to see how biodiverse our field actual is…

Altogether, we found 8 different species but our grassland key that we were using…

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