Science - Field Guide to Our School Grounds

Image of Science - Field Guide to Our School Grounds

In our Science lesson this week, the children completed their Classifying Living Things topic by taking part in a field study of the school grounds. They took clip boards and species lists outside and identified as many of the animals and plants we have in our school fields. After the children had…

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Netball Competition

Image of Netball Competition

On Wednesday 7th June, 12 children from Upper School went along to Garstang Academy to take part in a small schools netball competition. They play in two teams of 5 with two subs who swapped onto the pitch for each new game. 8 brilliant, 5 minute games were played on three courts and the children…

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Borwick Hall Visit 2023

Image of Borwick Hall Visit 2023

The Upper School class had the most amazing outdoor and adventurous visit to Borwick Hall this week! We stayed in Old Borwick Hall for two nights which was an adventure in itself with its long staircases and maze of rooms. We also took part in a programme of activities with the brilliant Borwick…

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History-History of the Railways

Image of History-History of the Railways

Having learnt about when the first locomotives were invented and the names of some of the famous engineers and trains, today the class found out about the first passenger trains. They learnt that Locomotion 1 built by George Stephenson took 450 people 25 miles at an average speed of 15mph on a…

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PE-Improving our Running Strategies

Image of PE-Improving our Running Strategies

Today, Upper School focused on improving their running techniques. They began by running between one section of the track and then working with a team to come up with their own teaching points for how to run efficiently and quickly. They then shared these ideas with the rest of the class and…

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Science-Classification Zoo

Image of Science-Classification Zoo

This after half term, the Upper School children will be studying classification of animals and plants.

Today they began this topic by working with a partner to decide how to group a list of various animals for a new zoo. The children came up with all sorts of groups such as by…

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Science-planets of our solar system

Image of Science-planets of our solar system

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have been learning about day and night, the seasons and researching the planets of our solar system. This week they completed their facts posters which show all the information they gathered about their chosen planet. The children worked collaboratively with a…

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RE-Exodus and the Passover celebrations

Image of RE-Exodus and the Passover celebrations

During our final lesson learning about the significance of the book of Exodus in the Bible, Upper School found out about the Jewish festival of Passover and the Seder Plate that they use to symbolise the Israelite’s escape from Egypt. We watched a video of a Jewish boy from Manchester preparing…

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RE-learning about Buddhism

Image of RE-learning about Buddhism

Today we had a fascinating lesson given by Pagpa, a Buddhist monk from the Preston Buddhist Centre, who taught us about the religion of Buddhism. The children could immediately see the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism but were also very interested in the differences. They…

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RE-Visit from Rev Paul

Image of RE-Visit from Rev Paul

Rev. Paul came to talk to Upper School about the book of Exodus in the Bible. He explained why it is such a significant event for Jewish people and Christians alike. The children showed their knowledge about what Moses was tasked to do by God and learnt about the way that the story of the…

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Times Table Grand Prix

Image of Times Table Grand Prix

Upper School have learnt that times tables crop up in such a vast amount of their learning so we love finding new ways to keep our times table recall fresh and speedy!

See if you can improve your rate of answering…can anyone beat Miss Langley’s rate of 43 questions per minutes?


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Gymnastic Displays

Image of Gymnastic Displays

Over the last few weeks, Upper School have been learning how to create and improve a sequence of balances, shapes and movements. They have all worked brilliantly and RESOURCEFULLY to build a sequence consisting of counter balances, counter tension, various travelling moves to transition from one…

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