Budget Challenge Maths

Image of Budget Challenge Maths

Children have recently been recapping their mental and written subtraction and addition. To use our skills in a real-life way, children were given the challenge to plan a week's worth of meals. This included breakfast, dinner and tea for each day of the week. The challenge came in that the…

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Mesolithic Jewellery

Image of Mesolithic Jewellery

This week in art middle school have created their own jewellery inspired by the crafts from mesolithic people. They began by moulding beads in various shapes out of clay and creating holes in them. Once they were dry, the children used paints to mix into colours to decorate their beads. We are…

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Making Stig's Den

Image of Making Stig's Den

Middle school spent Monday creating their own den based on our class story Stig of the Dump. Children went outside to find a 'dump' full of useful items and objects. As a team, the children worked together to use the discarded objects to create a den fit for a caveman! We were so thankful for the…

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Stone age art

Image of Stone age art

In history this week, middle school learned about the palaeolithic era. We learned about how Britain was different during the ice age in many ways, from the way of life to the creatures! During our art we enjoyed creating our own paintings inspired by the cave art from the palaeolithic era -…

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Science - Learning about invertebrates

Image of Science - Learning about invertebrates

Science this week was all about invertebrates.
We learned about arthropods, mulloscs and worms and went out to find our own. Children created an annotated picture of some of the invertebrates they found in the playground. Some children eve}n took their rulers out to measure the creatures they…

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Place value

Image of Place value

In our first maths lesson back, middle school revised place value. 
The children participated in several activities to get back into the swing of being in the classroom. Children partitioned, sorted and ordered numbers using their whiteboards, pens and themselves! We had a great time getting out…

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Exciting news ...

Image of Exciting news ...

We are very pleased to let you know about an exciting time in the history of our school.

As a result of rising numbers in Upper School the governors have been able to take the impactful decision to split the class into two, with Years 5 and 6 remaining as our Upper School class and Years 3 and…

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