Robots have visited!!

Image of Robots have visited!!

Over the last few weeks, Lower School has been thoroughly enjoying our Robots topic! 

The Year 1’s and Reception have been loving reading ‘No-Bot…The Robot With No Bottom!’ and we have all enjoyed exploring short stories and animations featuring robots.

Lower School have also enjoyed…

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We are learning lots of new things in PE!

Image of We are learning lots of new things in PE!

Over the last few weeks, we have been focusing on our Sports Afternoon and preparing for all the different races and activities. 

We have been learning how to work together in a relay race, how to hold a bow to aim at an archery target and how to move whilst balancing an object.

We are…

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We love counting!

Image of We love counting!

Our little Rainbow group have been working so hard to recognise numbers to 20 and counting out various items. We have also been practising how to form the written numbers 0 - 10 and doing an incredible job!


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Our Brilliant Bodies and Amazing Senses

Image of Our Brilliant Bodies and Amazing Senses

Lower School have been learning about our incredible human bodies. We have talked about different parts of the body, our skeletons and our incredible senses! 

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‘Leon and the Place Between’

Image of ‘Leon and the Place Between’

Over the past couple of weeks, Year 2 have been enchanted by our new magical story - ‘Leon and the Place Between’. We have made predictions, carried on parts of the story, written incredible setting descriptions and discussed all the different stories and films our book has reminded us of.


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Exploring Properties of Materials

Image of Exploring Properties of Materials

Lower School have been busy exploring materials and their properties. They worked so hard to investigate which materials would keep teddy dry…and have explored magnetic materials too…

Super stars!!

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Borwick Hall 2023 (more photos)

Image of Borwick Hall 2023 (more photos)

Here are lots more pictures from our visit to Borwick…

Jo Hurley

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Having fun in PE with Lower School…

Image of Having fun in PE with Lower School…

Lower School have continued learning how to carefully send a ball to a partner so they have a good chance of catching. Lower School learnt the three top tips: face the racket towards their partner so the ball can make contact with the racket; hold the racket with two hands for more control; and…

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‘Baking’ with Year 2!

Image of ‘Baking’ with Year 2!

Year 2 have been busy furthering their understanding of fractions through ‘baking’ cookies and pizza! We ‘kneaded’ and ‘rolled’ out our ‘dough’ before creating our ‘pizza base’ or ‘cookies’ - so much fun!

We talked about how many toppings they could have so each slice had an equal amount of…

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When Year Six came to visit Lower School…

Image of When Year Six came to visit Lower School…

Thank you to our lovely Year Six who came down to listen to our little ones read. They were extremely supportive and patient and even helped the little ones to practise writing their names or to write tricky words. 

Thank you Year Six!


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Year 5 - Healthy bodies and minds

Image of Year 5 - Healthy bodies and minds

Year 5 have been lucky enough to have a set of PSHE lessons delivered to them by Corey, our sports coach. Over the past few weeks they have been learning about healthy eating and today they learnt about staying hydrated. The lessons are always fun and very active! The children have enjoyed filling…

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Year 6 Buddies

Image of Year 6 Buddies

The Year 6s visited Lower School this afternoon to support the children with their reading skills. They listened to them read their home reading books, wrote in their reading records and then spent time practising writing together. Enjoy looking at the very cute photos! 
Mrs Hurley

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