Borwick Hall 2023 (more photos)

Image of Borwick Hall 2023 (more photos)

Here are lots more pictures from our visit to Borwick…

Jo Hurley

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Having fun in PE with Lower School…

Image of Having fun in PE with Lower School…

Lower School have continued learning how to carefully send a ball to a partner so they have a good chance of catching. Lower School learnt the three top tips: face the racket towards their partner so the ball can make contact with the racket; hold the racket with two hands for more control; and…

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‘Baking’ with Year 2!

Image of ‘Baking’ with Year 2!

Year 2 have been busy furthering their understanding of fractions through ‘baking’ cookies and pizza! We ‘kneaded’ and ‘rolled’ out our ‘dough’ before creating our ‘pizza base’ or ‘cookies’ - so much fun!

We talked about how many toppings they could have so each slice had an equal amount of…

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When Year Six came to visit Lower School…

Image of When Year Six came to visit Lower School…

Thank you to our lovely Year Six who came down to listen to our little ones read. They were extremely supportive and patient and even helped the little ones to practise writing their names or to write tricky words. 

Thank you Year Six!


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Year 5 - Healthy bodies and minds

Image of Year 5 - Healthy bodies and minds

Year 5 have been lucky enough to have a set of PSHE lessons delivered to them by Corey, our sports coach. Over the past few weeks they have been learning about healthy eating and today they learnt about staying hydrated. The lessons are always fun and very active! The children have enjoyed filling…

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Year 6 Buddies

Image of Year 6 Buddies

The Year 6s visited Lower School this afternoon to support the children with their reading skills. They listened to them read their home reading books, wrote in their reading records and then spent time practising writing together. Enjoy looking at the very cute photos! 
Mrs Hurley

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‘And they all got stuck!’

Image of ‘And they all got stuck!’

This week, Lower School have been enjoying ‘Stuck’ by Oliver Jeffers.


We have created our own kites, asked questions about the story using question words, retold the story so far to our friends, used drama to represent the various things that went up into the tree, drawn incredible…

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Creating and naming Class Dojo monsters

Image of Creating and naming Class Dojo monsters

Play-Doh has landed in Lower School! 

After choosing their very own colour pot, Lower School created new little Class Dojo monsters! They accessorised with the little eyes, hands, feet before rolling phonics dice to name them!

‘Fl-oy-ch’ or ‘Tr-ow-ng’…we loved the silly little…

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Manga Drawing

Image of Manga Drawing

Upper School have been investigating manga drawing and anime in our art lessons. This week, the children tried out their own ideas for a manga character using inspiration from other manga drawings. The results are fantastic! See the gallery for some of the pictures they completed.


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Year 6 celebrations!

Image of Year 6 celebrations!

Today the Year 6s completed their last SATs test! It has been a long week and the children have all worked their socks off towards the tests and throughout this week. They richly deserved the celebration cakes that some of our parents made and brought into school. Thank you to Bethan, Abi and…

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PE Games in Lower School

Image of PE Games in Lower School

In PE, Lower School have been learning how to hold a tennis racket, hit a ball back to their partner and how to carefully throw a ball to their partner (aiming for their racket).

They have been working brilliantly together and showing great coordination and control! 

Well done Lower…

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Busy Bees in Lower School

Image of Busy Bees in Lower School

Over the last couple of weeks, Lower School have been ‘buzzy’ exploring their new story - ‘The Bumblebear’ by Nadia Shireen.

We first used our own imagination in ‘Drawing Club’ to share what we thought Norman’s ‘amazing and brilliant idea’ could have been. Using the front cover as a HUGE clue,…

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