Science -Dissolving Materials

Image of Science -Dissolving Materials

In Upper School the children have been conducting their own experiments to test the best conditions for dissolving materials. Some of the children came up with good ideas for how to do that such as changing the temperature of the water, the amount of water, the type of container…In the end, we…

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The Ancient Maya

Image of The Ancient Maya

In History this term, Upper School are learning about the Ancient Maya, a civilisation from an area called Mesoamerica made up of parts of Mexico and other parts of Central America. 

The Mayas built amazing cities. Even though they lived in different cities, ruled by different kings and queens,…

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Science-Dissolving Materials

Image of Science-Dissolving Materials

This week’s Science lesson explored the vocabulary of dissolving materials. We found out the meaning of dissolve, soluble and insoluble through testing whether 8 different materials dissolve in room temperature water. 
The children made predictions about what they thought would happen to each…

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RE-Life as a Journey

Image of RE-Life as a Journey

The children in Upper School have been learning about how we can see our lives as journeys and the different kinds of journeys people make and choose. We have followed Jesus’ life journey reading from the Gospels in the Bible and finding the places he visited on a map of Israel. 
Today we were…

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Creative Computing!

Image of Creative Computing!

Last week, Upper School were learning how to create Vector drawings in computing by layering shapes to produce images. Even after our first lesson, they created some impressive results! Year 5 and 6 are very enthusiastic and excited by vector drawing and we can't wait to see what we can achieve…

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Image of Happy!

Upper School have been working hard to learn how to play our class set of glockenspiels and also how to read musical notation. Today we rehearsed and performed the instrumental parts for the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. It’s not as easy as you think to read the music, play accurately and keep…

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Invasion Games/Skills

Image of Invasion Games/Skills

Today’s PE lesson was all about finding and using space effectively to receive the ball. Pete used demonstrations to teach the class how they should place themselves during a fast moving ball game such as handball. The children worked really well during the handball matches to move into available…

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Painting Techniques

Image of Painting Techniques

This term, Year 5/6 are working on their painting skills through a number of creative activities. The last couple of sessions have been to explore how to use a mixing palette and mix appropriate colours for a sunset or sunrise picture. The children are only using primary colours plus black and…

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PE -Invasion Games

Image of PE -Invasion Games

This half term’s PE lessons will focus on the topic of invasion games. Today we learnt how to attack and defend in some really fun activities where we had to get past the ‘gatekeeper’ and another game where teams tried to get past each other. We learnt about being quick on our feet, using our team…

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Science -Lesson 1 Properties of Materials

Image of Science -Lesson 1 Properties of Materials

Year 5/6 had their first Science lesson of the term this afternoon and we got straight into some practical investigating. This term’s topic is Properties and Changes of Materials so we started off by explaining what it means by ‘properties’ and identifying which materials had particular…

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Year 6 Leavers’ Camp Fire Activities

Image of Year 6 Leavers’ Camp Fire Activities

As a continuation of the Year 6 Leavers’ Activities Week, the children were shown how to use flint and steel to light fires and then how to make a proper campfire. They then had fun roasting marshmallows and making S’Mores. There was even some campfire singing too!
Thanks to Miss Hennelly and Mrs…

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Design & Technology -Pop Up Books

Image of Design & Technology -Pop Up Books

The children have worked so hard over the past 6 weeks to design and create their own pop up books specifically for the Lower School children to enjoy. Firstly, we learn how to make a variety of mechanisms and then we planned and wrote a story that would work well with the different pop up…

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