Celebrations for Year 6!

Image of Celebrations for Year 6!

Year 6 finished their SATS this morning! As a group, we have been incredibly proud of this hard- working group of children who have put 100% of effort into both their preparation and the tests themselves. 

They are celebrating with cakes and lots of playtime!

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St George’s Day Uniforms

Image of St George’s Day Uniforms

We are really proud of our Cubs, Scouts and Guide who have come in their uniforms this morning for St George’s Day. They have explained their many badges really well and clearly enjoy being part of these organisations. 

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Brilliant Poetry

Image of Brilliant Poetry

Thank you for coming to show me your poem Freya, I think it is excellent!  

Mrs Kemp

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Exciting Electricity


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Ribchester Museum Visit

The children really enjoyed finding out about the Roman fort at Ribchester. They got to try on Roman armour and handle real Roman artefacts. 

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Sing Together 2018

Image of Sing Together 2018

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A Letter To Sing Together

Image of A Letter To Sing Together

I am really impressed with Rebecca’s writing she has written an excellent letter to the organisers of Sing Together.

Thank you for coming to read it to me Rebecca.

Mrs Kemp 

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Year 3 Measuring

Image of Year 3 Measuring

Year 3 have been busy measuring with Miss Haynes. Today we measured our heights and put them in order. 



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A Fascinating Roman Visitor

Image of A Fascinating Roman Visitor

What an amazing morning! We were lucky enough to be visited by a special Roman Visitor today, as part of our study of The Romans. During the morning we gained a unique insight into life as a Roman soldier and how life was in Roman times.

Freya said,

”This morning we had a visitor who taught…

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I love Fractions!

Image of I love Fractions!

Paige was very proud to show me her Maths work this morning. She thought that the activity of finding fractions of numbers would be too difficult, however she discovered that her hard work paid off and by the end of the lesson her confidence flowed!

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Roman Shield Formations

Image of Roman Shield Formations

This afternoon, Upper School children made good use of their shields to make Roman Shield formations, as were used during the days of the Roman Empire. 

Although it was windy, the children enjoyed getting organised into The Wedge (an attacking formation) as well as The Orb, The Tortoise and The…

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Freya our Star Climber

Image of Freya our Star Climber

Freya is rightly a very proud member of a climbing club which she attends weekly.

On Saturday she placed 4th in a Northwest and Lake District climbing competition for 9 and 10 year olds.

We are very proud of you Freya! 

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