Art-Automatic Drawing

Image of Art-Automatic Drawing

The Upper School children have continued their study of Joan Miro with a lesson on ‘automatic’ drawing. The surrealist movement were very interested in creating art through the subconscious and Miro explored this himself by allowing his mind to be emptied and drawing whatever his pen or brush…

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Gymnastics-counter balances

Image of Gymnastics-counter balances

Great improvements have been made in our gymnastics lessons over the past couple of weeks so that the Upper School children are now able to work and communicate competently with a partner to produce and perform short acrobatic sequences. Today they learnt about counter-balances and how to trust…

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PE -Gymnastics

Image of PE -Gymnastics

Upper School are taking their gymnastics skills learnt last term onto a range of high and low apparatus over the next few weeks. Today we explored the new apparatus and began to work in pairs and threes to put together balances, jumps and rolls in short sequences. We focused on using strong arms…

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Lessons in First Aid

Image of Lessons in First Aid

Upper School have begun to learn about first-aid as part of their PSHE lessons. During this half term, we will be learning about basic first-aid practises that we can use to help a casualty, as well as when to get help and what to do in an emergency. The areas we will cover include burns and…

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Discovering Joan Miro

Image of Discovering Joan Miro

This half term we will be learning all about the Spanish artist Joan Miro. Today we started looking at the shapes and colours in Miro's paintings and then used vision frames to select a part of one of his artworks to recreate in pencil and felt tip pen.

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Design & Technology -memory/treasure boxes

Image of Design & Technology -memory/treasure boxes

Over the last 5 weeks, Upper school have been investigating packaging and designing their own boxes to keep memories or treasure in. Today they completed their design task by decorating the boxes and gluing the nets together. Here are their final designs…haven’t they done well?!

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Book Buddies!

Image of Book Buddies!

As part of our drive to pass on our love of reading to the youngest children in our school, we, the oldest class in the school became their Book Buddies. It was great fun to choose and read our old favourites in picture books again and use our voices to imitate the characters and build suspence…

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School Panto!

Image of School Panto!

This week Upper School were part of the audience for the performance of the pantomime, Aladdin. They had a great time shouting at the ‘baddy’ and joining in with all the fun. 
Thanks to The Friends of Inskip for organising the ice cream and popcorn which the children all enjoyed during the show. 

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Feeling festive!

Image of Feeling festive!

Christmas crafts have been started to make the school look festive for this Saturday's Christmas Fair. All the children in Upper School have been making stars for the corridor and classroom, as well as metres and metres of paper chains for the corridor!

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Design and Technology

Image of Design and Technology

Today we got designing and creating our mood boards for our treasure boxes/memory boxes. We had to think about what shape of box we wanted, the decoration on the outside and what the net for the 3D shape would look like. We looked for inspiration using the Swiggle search engine, looked again at…

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Finders keepers, losers weepers....

Image of Finders keepers, losers weepers....

In PSHE, we have been considering the phrase 'Finders keepers, losers weepers'. The idea that a person who finds something that is lost is entitled to keep it is not a new one. It has appeared in many laws throughout the centuries. It was thought to first appear back in ancient Rome, where a law…

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Gymnastics Friday Group

Image of Gymnastics Friday Group

In Gymnastics today the Friday group learnt the skills of forward and backwards rolls. They then put together short sequences of jumps and rolls. Next week they will be exploring how to use large apparatus to perform balances and rolls. 

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