Teams Talk!

Image of Teams Talk!

Not only have our children become used to meeting up on screen during lockdown, this week for the first time, 'Parents' Evenings' are also being held remotely via Teams! We still view this as a great opportunity to give feedback to parents about progress and targets.

Despite this, we still look…

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Flower Sculptures

Image of Flower Sculptures

The children in Year 5/6 completed their paper flowers which are now on display in the classroom. To follow on from this, we began designing and making wire sculptures of flowers. 
It was really fiddly but really rewarding when we could start to see the flower shapes coming together. 


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St George’s Day

Image of St George’s Day

Some of the children in KS2 came into school in their scouts or brownies uniform today in celebration of St George’s Day -the English Patron Saint.
Legend has it that George slew a dragon and we like to think that we have slain our own dragons in school today through perseverance and hard work in…

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Year 6 blog

Image of Year 6 blog

We play a game called tip the can at playtime.  It is like manhunt and hide and seek. You need more than 3 people to play this game. 

There is one seeker who counts to sixty while the others hide. Then the seeker goes to find the others. While they are seeking, the others have to try and get to…

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Keeping up to date!

Image of Keeping up to date!

Each day in Upper School, we watch Newsround to keep up to date with what is going on in the UK and the rest of the world. There is always an interesting mix of current affairs, sport and nature stories shown and this week we have been following the reports of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral and…

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What Would Jesus Do?

Image of What Would Jesus Do?

In our RE lesson today, we thought about what Jesus meant by ‘building strong foundations for our lives’. 
The children were split into groups and given the task of building a bridge. Some of the groups were given clay to help them and some groups only had sellotape. 
The children with clay made…

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Classifying Animals

Image of Classifying Animals

The Year 5/6 children began a new topic in Science this week-Animals and their Habitats. We began by thinking about the classification of animals. 
The class really enjoying grouping and naming the pictures of animals first and then going a step further to classifying them into vertebrates and…

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Easter ‘carrot’ Hunt!

Image of Easter ‘carrot’ Hunt!

The rain cleared up just in time for Upper School to go outside and search for all the hidden carrots this morning! The children thoroughly enjoyed the hunt and appreciated the Easter eggs waiting for them when we got back into the warmth of the classroom. 
Thank you to Claire Nash and the…

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Easter Role Plays

Image of Easter Role Plays

The children in Upper School have spent the afternoon recreating scenes from the Easter Story and thinking about the impact it had on Jesus’ friends. They did a brilliant job and retold each scene with thoughtfulness and understanding. After the children’s performances, they talked about their…

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Comic Relief

Image of Comic Relief

On Friday 21st March, Upper School had fun with Pete from Fleetwood Town AFC during lunchtime playtime. Instead of red noses, they held their tennis balls to help remind us it was Comic Relief Day. A total of eighteen children joined in playing tennis with Pete during…

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Spring Flowers

Image of Spring Flowers

Following on from their observational drawings of flowers for Mothering Sunday, the children have been trying to recreate flowers using cutting and folding paper techniques. They have begun to show some great creativity!

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Ring-a ring o'roses

Image of Ring-a ring o'roses

Since coming back to school last week, Upper School have been learning about the Great Plague of 1665-1666. There are some comparisons between the way families dealt with the Plague then and how we deal with Covid-19 now. Isolation has occurred both times as a way to control the spread but…

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