332 Million People!

Image of 332 Million People!

As part of our studies about the USA, we have been looking at population distribution and population density. We also compared the population and area of New York and London.




New York

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Science- Evolution and Inheritance

Image of Science- Evolution and Inheritance

As part of our topic on evolution and inheritance, the class found out about Darwin’s theories about adaptation. We discussed why the same animals look different in differing environments. The two main ideas they came up with were because of climate and because of predation. 
We studied this…

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PE-Backhand skills

Image of PE-Backhand skills

This half term, Upper School are learning Tennis skills and today the focus was on the backhand. The children demonstrated this skill through partner work and competitive rallies. 

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Art- Watercolour Nests.

Image of Art- Watercolour Nests.

After studying the birds’ nests last week and producing charcoal and chalk drawings which focused on gaining depth with shading, the Upper School children used the new watercolour palettes to try and recreate paintings of the nests.
First we explored the way we could paint with watercolours and…

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American Adventures

Image of American Adventures

This half term, Upper School are having a whirlwind tour of the USA! We have already begun by thinking of words we associate with the USA and looking at the diversity in landscapes across the country. We watched a timelapse film travelling through America. How many places do you recognise?

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Art & Design -Nests (depth and shading)

Image of Art & Design -Nests (depth and shading)

This half term, we will be observing birds’ nests and, using a range of media, will draw, paint and then create our own nests using clay or textiles. 
Today the class looked closely at the different nests that I brought in. We decided which birds they might have belonged to by looking…

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Top Tips for Year 6s

Image of Top Tips for Year 6s


Top Tips for SAT week

Year 6 SATs take place soon. Here are some top tips to make sure they go as smoothly as possible.

  • Get plenty of rest- It is really important to be well rested before SAT week; this will help you to be able to focus.

  • Eat well- each morning of SAT week,…

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Easter Musical Performances

Image of Easter Musical Performances

After handing out our Easter biscuits that we hand made this morning, the children of Upper School put on a performance of the songs we have learnt over the last term. 
The first piece was You’ve Got a Friend by Carol King and as well as singing it brilliantly, the children performed an…

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DT-making Easter Biscuits

Image of DT-making Easter Biscuits

This morning, the children all took part in making Easter biscuits using a gluten free and low sugar recipe that we came up with to fit nicely with our, ‘Eat Like a Champ’ Science topic. 
The children measured out their own ingredients using their maths skills and mixed, rolled and cut out their…

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Diaries of a Victorian schoolchild

Image of Diaries of a Victorian schoolchild

At the end of our topic on Victorian childhood, Upper School wrote diaries as if they were a Victorian child in Inskip. Our 'Decade corridor exhibition' was extremely useful in providing us with real events that happened to children in Inskip during the Victorian times. Several wrote about the…

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DT- Investigating biscuits

Image of DT- Investigating biscuits

This afternoon, Upper School children did a tasting activity to investigate different types of biscuits. 
They analysed the amount of fat, sugar and salt in each type of biscuit and then made judgments about the taste, healthiness and presentation. 
It was really interesting to look at the…

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Science -making healthy choices

Image of Science -making healthy choices

Today the children learnt about the sugar, fat and salt content in the foods we like to eat. 
We investigated food packaging and compared the grams per 100g. The children were quite surprised at the amount of fat in certain foods such as breakfast bars and the amount of sugar in sauces like…

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