Structures - Exploring Stability

Image of Structures - Exploring Stability

This week we began our design and technology project which is to design a chair for Baby Bear. We carried out an investigation to explore the stability of structures. 


  • Structure – something that has been formed or made from parts, for example, a large building, a bridge or a chair.
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RE How is Good News Delivered?

Image of RE How is Good News Delivered?

In our RE lessons we are investigating the question ‘Why was the birth of Jesus such good news?’.

The children thought about how and who delivers good news (see the photos for some of their answers). The children then wrote special messages of good news and delivered them to their friends or…

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Think It Thursday

Image of Think It Thursday

Reagan has been busy baking maths themed biscuits in the shape of dominoes at home, they looked fabulous Reagan!

Thank you so much to Upper School for inviting us to play all the different games and take part in challenges on your maths stalls this afternoon. We had so much fun.

Take a look…

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Wear It Wednesday

Image of Wear It Wednesday

We have had a very busy maths day! Take a look at these photos to see the activities and fun we’ve had doing a ‘maths March’ together. 


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Maths Week Launch

Image of Maths Week Launch

It’s Maths Week this week at Inskip and we’re planning to celebrate, develop and enjoy our maths skills through lots of different activities.

In Lower School this morning we launched our week by thinking about Growth Mindset and how having a ‘can do’ attitude to all our learning makes us happy,…

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Children in Need Fun

Image of Children in Need Fun

Wow Upper School! Thank you so much for inviting us to your AMAZING Pudsey Bear Bonaza! We had soooooo much fun raising money for Children in Need, your ideas for games were fabulous!


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Fire Fighters Now and Then

Image of Fire Fighters Now and Then

This week we have been investigating and comparing changes to firefighting over time. Before the Great Fire, firefighting methods were very basic. After the Great Fire, new and improved techniques were put in place.

People used leather buckets and hand squirts filled with water, but it was…

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LS Hothersall Lodge

Image of LS Hothersall Lodge

We had the most fantastic, jam packed day at Hothersall Lodge yesterday! Thank you to all the staff there particularly Jenny who led our group activities and Bailey who helped.


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Reception’s Learning Week Beg 7.11

Image of Reception’s Learning Week Beg 7.11

Our Reception children have been doing lots of great learning this week take a look at these photos showing a few of the things they have been doing! 


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Y2 Addition and Subtraction

Image of Y2 Addition and Subtraction

Our Y2 children have been maths whizzs this week adding and subtracting two digit numbers both crossing and not crossing ten. 

Well done Y2 I am so impressed with your progress!


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Great Fire Of London LS

Image of Great Fire Of London LS

We have been history detectives this week learning about the Great Fire that tore through London in September 1666. This week the children learnt where it began and they sequenced the events as they unfolded over the four days. 


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Firework Mark Making

Image of Firework Mark Making

Our Reception children have been having fun creating fireworks in glitter and sand this week. They have been practicing writing letters and numbers too. 

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