Christmas Fun 2022

Image of Christmas Fun 2022

As you can see from these photos we had so much fun celebrating Christmas time with a visit to Lowther Pavillion in Latham to see the pantomime Cinderella (which we thoroughly enjoyed - Oh no you didn’t, Oh YES we did!) a very busy Christmas party (so busy I only managed to take three photos!) and…

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The Sky in 1666

Image of The Sky in 1666

The children applied the skills they learnt previously (creating autumn leaves see here ) to create the background sky using wax resist and watercolour inks to create a picture representing the sky above St Paul’s…

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Winter Weather

Image of Winter Weather

As part of our geography and science  learning we take notice of the weather and note changes throughout the year (not just when we study it in a topic). Today we couldn’t resist taking a close look at the beautiful patterns created by nature as we still had flakes of ice in the areas shaded from…

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Building Baby Bear’s Chair

Image of Building Baby Bear’s Chair

I am so proud of the learning my Year 1 and 2 children have been doing making chairs for Baby Bear. The children have used the skill they have learnt in previous lessons and applied them in making the chairs. There was a lot of problem solving and discussion happening as they worked. 


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Christmas Maths

Image of Christmas Maths

In this activity the children chose buttons to place on the Christmas pictures. Picking up the buttons helps improve their fine motor skills helping build muscles ready for holding pencils and writing. As the children chose their buttons I asked them lots of questions prompting learning and we…

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Snow writing

Image of Snow writing

A winter themed mark making activity set up for our Reception children this week but of course all the class have been using it for learning and fun.

This week our Reception children have been practising writing letters and numbers in the snow (or hail stones as the children have quite rightly…

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Structures - Strengthening Materials

Image of Structures - Strengthening Materials

Well, we had a LOT of fun in our second DT lesson this week as the children investigated which shaped structure was the strongest! 

I asked the children to think back to Lesson 1 we and discussed the following terms and examples of each:

  • Stability – When something is firmly fixed or not…
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A Week Of Shapes

Image of A Week Of Shapes

We are busy learning the names  and properties of 2D and 3D shapes in Lower School, in our maths lessons and throughout the day! Take a look at these photos to see the different ways we have been enjoying our learning …



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Structures - Exploring Stability

Image of Structures - Exploring Stability

This week we began our design and technology project which is to design a chair for Baby Bear. We carried out an investigation to explore the stability of structures. 


  • Structure – something that has been formed or made from parts, for example, a large building, a bridge or a chair.
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RE How is Good News Delivered?

Image of RE How is Good News Delivered?

In our RE lessons we are investigating the question ‘Why was the birth of Jesus such good news?’.

The children thought about how and who delivers good news (see the photos for some of their answers). The children then wrote special messages of good news and delivered them to their friends or…

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Think It Thursday

Image of Think It Thursday

Reagan has been busy baking maths themed biscuits in the shape of dominoes at home, they looked fabulous Reagan!

Thank you so much to Upper School for inviting us to play all the different games and take part in challenges on your maths stalls this afternoon. We had so much fun.

Take a look…

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Wear It Wednesday

Image of Wear It Wednesday

We have had a very busy maths day! Take a look at these photos to see the activities and fun we’ve had doing a ‘maths March’ together. 


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