Zog Visits Lower School

This week we had a surprise visitor, it was Zog the dragon! He found him in our classroom with a copy of his school report from Madam Dragon. 

We read the story and began doing different English activities …



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Our next topic is The Great Fire Of London

I hope you’re all having a great half term break, we have some really interesting learning happening next half term, have a look at these videos and interactive games and start learning about The Great Fire of London …

Watch this video  

Play the game on this website … 

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Pumpkin Printing

As a maths activity this week in EYFS creating patterns all the children have had the opportunity to print with Duplo blocks to create patterns on pumpkins. As part of raising awareness about recycling, as it is recycling week this week, we reused packing paper that had come in parcel to print…

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Chatting at the hairdressers!

This week the children have had fun pretending to be hairdressers as they gave the cardboard rolls haircuts, legs, skirts  and trousers as part of a PSHE and fine motor skills activity.

We used photos of children showing different emotions to spark conversation and as the children were busy…

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Painting Autumn Leaves

The children have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with metallic wax crayons and Brusho crystal colours. They drew the natural objects, leaves, that they had studied last week in metallic wax crayons using the skills they have learnt in previous weeks. 

This week I introduced them to wax resist…

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Penguin Facts

We are learning about non-fiction texts as the children are gathering information ready to write their own non-fiction book about penguins. We have chosen to learn about penguins as it has allowed some great cross curricular learning with our science (learning about animals) and goeography…

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Autumn Leaves 2022

As part of our science and art learning this term we have been noticing the changes in seasons and nature around us. On our visit to Humblescough Farm last week https://inskip.lancs.sch.uk/blog/2022-09-29-18-23-02-humblescough-farm we observed closely the leaves on the trees and ground preparing…

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Reception's Learning Week 5 2022

Take a look at the learning our super EYFS children have been doing this week, we have started learning the Phase 2 sounds and the children are making great progress.



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Humblescough Farm

What a jam-packed, amazing morning we had this morning when we visited Humblescough Farm in Nateby, Garstang.

Mr Sneddon, you are just fantastic! The children were so excited and enthusiastic to take part in all the activities and we all laughed and loved Mr Sneddon’s jokes and funny stories.…

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Reception’s Learning Week 4

Take a look at these photos to see some of the learning our EYFS children have been enjoying this week …


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Comparing Numbers

This week our Year 1 and 2 children have been comparing numbers and using the greater than, less than and equals symbols. Take a look at these photos and take a look at the video we enjoy watching to help us remember the mathematical symbols.


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How do we say thank you to God at Harvest time?

This week we have been answering the key question ‘How do Christians say thank you to God at Harvest time?’

We explored further our value of being thankful as the children talked about all the food they have in their homes and we have at school recognising that there are many places and people…

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