Super Sentences LS

Image of Super Sentences LS

Our Year One and Two children were practicing creating statement, question and exclamation sentences this week. As a warm up activity they looked closely at our plants and created sentences of each type using the plants as the topic to write about. They created some great sentences, well done…

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Becoming scientists

Image of Becoming scientists

We love learning about the world around us, in Lower School we talk about why we are doing a task, why are we learning a particular thing. In science we are exploring the topics of animals and plants thinking of how this learning will help us in life and may inspire the children to have a career…

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Maths Snapshots

Image of Maths Snapshots

We learn so much maths in one week, all three year groups cover different areas. Take a look at these photographs to see a snapshot of what we have been learning…


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A Mysterious Break In!

Image of A Mysterious Break In!

Something strange happened in our classroom in Lower School over half term! We arrived at school on Monday morning to find the classroom door open, huge footprints on the carpet, chairs knocked over, a yellow coat laid on the floor and the children’s fruit eaten. Whilst we were wondering what it…

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Reception’s Week 8.1.24

Image of Reception’s Week 8.1.24

Reception’s week has been full of great learning, here are a few photographs giving you a glimpse into their days in school. 


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Dinosaur Maths and Small World Play

Image of Dinosaur Maths and Small World Play

The children have loved exploring this tray this week, lots of play, talk, maths and storytelling happening!


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Famous Explorers

Image of Famous Explorers

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about famous explorers. The children have learnt about people who explored space, hot places and cold places in the past. They’ve also spent time thinking about what equipment they would need if they were to go exploring to any of these places nowadays…

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The Magic Bed

Image of The Magic Bed

As part of our author study we have begun a series of writing activities based on John Burningham’s story called The Magic Bed this week. It’s a great story about a boy called Georgie who, instead of buying a brand new bed from the department store as his Grannie wishes, buys a bed from an…

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LS Adding numbers

Image of LS Adding numbers

The children in Year 1 and 2 have been exploring fact families in addition this week and using their understanding to help them add two digit numbers which cross over ten. The children in Reception have been learning all about weight, measuring how heavy or light items are and comparing. They have…

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Snowflakes and Snowmen

Image of Snowflakes and Snowmen

Inspired by the snow this week the Reception and Year 1 children created snowflakes improving their fine motor control and talking about pattern and shape. Our Year 2 children had a challenge to create a snowman with a personality!


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Fun in the snow LS

Image of Fun in the snow LS

We had a very chilly time playing in the snow on Tuesday morning!


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Feeding The Birds

Image of Feeding The Birds

We have begun learning about British garden birds this week as we are going to take part in this years Big Schools Birdwatch with the RSPB. After talking about the different kinds of birds we see in our gardens we did some birdwatching on our field. We talked about the birds’ habitats and how at…

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