Nature Kitchen

The children have been busy playing and learning in our Nature Kitchen. They collected their ingredients from the field before and followed the recipes I had created for them then made up their own.

They practised lots of maths skills by counting, estimating and measuring their…

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Going Camping!

We have been busy making our role play areas outdoors with a campsite. 

The children made a car out of the tyres and crates to travel to their campsite and they were greeted by the campsite owners at the booking office when they arrived! The chose how many nights they wanted to stay for and…

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Capital and lower case letters ...

Our Reception and Year 1 children have been looking closely at capital and lower case letters using geoboards.


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Afternoon tea ...

What better way to practise our adding more and taking away skills than doing it with delicious looking pretend cakes?

The children in Lower School have been using the cakes this week to practise number skills, sorting skills and using money.

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Maths learning...

We have been so busy in class making our brains bigger! 

Each year group in Lower School tends to be learning a different topic in maths from the other (it’s just the way it works) but we do whole class activities where we make our maths brains work every day as a group before we split off into…

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Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

This morning the Reception children performed 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow With A Flippy Floppy Hat' to us. They were wonderful and brilliant because they enjoyed it.  they did the actions perfectly, they danced, they joined in with the music and they actually sang. 


We were the audience and…

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Scarecrow’s Wedding

As part of our learning through our topic ‘The Great Outdoors’ we have been enjoying the story ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ by Julia Donaldson. 

We have been learning the story ready to help us with ideas to write our own adventure story with scarecrows as the main characters. 

The Reception…

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We have been thinking about all the things we are grateful for in Lower School and also thinking about our hopes for the future for ourselves and the world around us. 

Our discussion began with a lovely charity book called ‘Big H and Little h’ that was kindly sent to us by Victoria the author…

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The Weather

We are always talking about the weather! In Lower School we are talking about it a little more than we usually would at the moment as it is the focus of our geography learning this half term.  

Our new topic this half term is called The Great Outdoors (it's a great topic) our main focus…

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Earth Day 2021

It’s Earth Day every day but today we marked the official Earth Day with some beautiful new books. We have started reading them and they are sparking interesting questions and discussions. 




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The ur sound

Each day in our phonics lessons we practice sounds we have already learnt, words we use in our sentences often and then we learn a new sound. We like to learn in fun ways, today we practiced reading and writing words with the ‘ur’ sound in them outside in our fabulous outdoor learning…

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Great Maths Learners

We have been busy making our brains bigger this week doing lots of different maths activities. The Reception children have been looking at numbers to 20 and beyond. They have been using tens frames to make a full ten and then more to understand numbers beyond ten. They have also been playing bingo…

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