Road Safety 2024

Image of Road Safety 2024

This week we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe out near roads. We have learnt where it is safe to play, dangers to be aware of and how to cross the road safely. In our first activity we stood and watched the traffic the travels along our road outside school noticing the speed and…

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Humblescough Farm Visit 2024

Image of Humblescough Farm Visit 2024

We’ve had an amazing day out at Humblescough Farm in Nateby, Garstang today. Thank you to Diana for inviting us and to Mr Sneddon for all your hard work creating amazing memories for our children!  I was extremely proud of our children today, you were all very well behaved and had enormous…

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The Juice Station

Image of The Juice Station

We made the most of the good weather this week with lots of outdoor learning. One activity we have enjoyed has been creating drinks using leftover orange peelings saved from snack time! The drinks were quite unusual because each one gave us special powers, they made us dance, talk in funny voices,…

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Writing Letters and Building Words

Image of Writing Letters and Building Words

Our Reception children have been practising forming letters correctly and building words outside today. 


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Nature Cheesecakes!

Image of Nature Cheesecakes!

This week the children are being creative outdoors creating mud cheesecakes and sticky hot dogs!  They are being great chefs. Lots of great exploring, questioning, creating and discussion has been happening, lots of great learning through play. Through playing we have explored science queries (eg…

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Image of Jellyfish

Our Reception children used lots of different art skills and made some cool jellyfish …



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Outdoor Learning

Image of Outdoor Learning

We made the most of the great weather this week with lots of outdoor fun …



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Exploring Tens and Ones

Image of Exploring Tens and Ones

Our Year 1 children have been doing lots of different activities throughout the week developing their understanding of place value to 100. They have been playing lots of games, challenging each other and themselves and investigated how many tens and how many ones are in different two digit…

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Reception’s Creations

Image of Reception’s Creations

Our Reception children have been having fun creating some awesome models, they chat so animatedly whislt they are creating and when they describe their inventions to you. They applied lots of great design and making skills as they worked, making decisions, trying things out and improving their…

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Rainbow Fish

Image of Rainbow Fish

We have had a very busy week being creative and have had so much fun. We read the story The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister which is all about a fish with beautiful scales. The Rainbow Fish is asked to share his scales and when he refuses, he learns very quickly that he has no friends. So he learns…

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Julian Is A Mermaid

Image of Julian Is A Mermaid

This week a lot of our writing has been inspired by the fabulous picture book 'Julian Is A Mermaid' by Jessica Love. we came into the classroom one morning to find a letter for us telling us to follow our dreams. 

We shared our hopes and dreams with each other before recording them on notelets…

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Year 2’s Super Writers

Image of Year 2’s Super Writers

Our Year Two children have been very proud to show off their joined handwriting recently and rightly so! They have written some lovely poems titled ‘Under The Sea’ and included rhyming couplets. 

Well done children!



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