MyMaths Homework

Year 1 and 2 please check your mymaths page, everyone has been set new homework tasks! Remember your login details are in your reading diaries. If you have an IPad and want to do your MyMaths tasks on there you may struggle as MyMaths uses flash player. However, if you download the free app called…

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Fire Safety

Today Magda from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service came to visit us. First of all we talked about smoke alarms, Theo explained what a smoke alarm was and what it did extremely well to Magda and the class. Spencer and Sofia told the class why the best place for the smoke alarm is on the…

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Lower School Authors At Work!

What a fabulous morning we have had, I am really looking forward to reading the stories lower school children write this week after our writing workshop with Damian our visiting author ...

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Isaac's Robot

Well done Isaac! The robot you have made at home with your grandma is fantastic! 

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Robot Stories

We are busy reading lots of robot stories and doing lots of different activities around one book 'No Bot the robot with no bottom' by Sue Hendra learning how stories work before we write our own. Today in one activity we played magic microphone' and took it in turns to be the main character…

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Inskip Robotics Ltd

This afternoon the children had a visit to the robotics factory and met Professors Kempbot and Smith! The children talked about what they already knew about robots and helped Professor Kempbot by designing some new robots for the factory. It was great fun. 


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Our topic in Reception this half term in Reception is ‘Toys’ and in Year One and Two ‘Robots’. As part of their learning we will find out about real robots working around the world helping humans in many ways, and also about some famous robots from our television screens.

The children are going…

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A Flying Visit!

We had a great visit from SMJ Falconry and learnt lots about birds of prey. Lower School had the chance to ask their questions and find out more about the different falcons and owls to help them write their reports. They even had the opportunity to hold the birds and see them up close. The whole…

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Did you know?

Did you know? ...


The best time to see a Barn Owl is in the day at dusk.  


The Little Owl bobs its head up and down when it is alarmed (frightened).


Can you find out some more facts to add to our 'Did you know?' list?

Click on these links to find information ...

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Growth and Green Fingers

Last term our topic was Growth and Green Fingers and as part of our science learning all the Year 1 and 2 children planted a broad bean seed. We 'planted' the beans in old CD cases which gave us a fabulous opportunity to see the roots and shoot develop. The chidlren all kept a diary of the changes…

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Maths Homework

In Year One this term we are learning;


  • To recognise and know the different denominations of coins and notes. Please let your children use real coins and notes and play shop with them.
  • Tell the time to the hour and half past the hour.
  • To recognise and name common 2D and 3D…
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Claude Monet



We have studied the work of the French artist called Oscar-Claude Monet who was born in 1840. He was a founder of Impressionist painting.  This style of painting is named after Monet's painting, Impressions, Sunrise, which he exhibited in 1874. We learnt…

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