Spelling Whizz!

Image of Spelling Whizz!

Well done to Leon in Year 4 for achieving full marks in EVERY spelling test this term! He’s our super speller!

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Christmas Play Rehearsals

Image of Christmas Play Rehearsals

The children are almost ready to present their fantastic production of Hosanna Rock!

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A morning of Mad Science

Image of A morning of Mad Science

What a great time Years 3 and 4 had this morning when we received a visit from the Mad Science team! Our theme was fossil fuels and during the session we learnt which were the fossil fuels,how long they take to form and under what conditions. We then tried to replicate this process using…

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Sprout Boy Adjectives

Image of Sprout Boy Adjectives

Great learning from Year One and Two children this morning as they created characters and thought of powerful adjectives to describe them. 

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Finding our way

Image of Finding our way

We have been improving our mapping skills in Upper School. As well as learning about symbols found on maps, we have also been learning how to use four and six figure grid references. Let’s hope we don’t get lost!

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3D Shape Investigation

Image of 3D Shape Investigation

Great learning about 3D shapes this morning in Lower School! The children were really engaged in their learning building 3D shapes with cocktail sticks, mini marshmellows and midget gems! There was a lot of reasoning, problem solving happening whilst the the children built and discussed the…

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This Week’s Learning So Far...

Image of This Week’s Learning So Far...

Magic moments so far this week (and it is only Tuesday) ... 

Ted was the Maths Shark yesterday for his amazing finding the difference by counting on. 

The whole class investigated which foods are more healthy for us to eat and why. We had some interesting discussions about food and learnt…

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Finding missing numbers

Image of Finding missing numbers

Year One children have been showing me their great understanding this morning. They have learnt how to count on to find the missing part of a whole number. 

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Children In Need

Image of Children In Need

It's Children in Need day!  We all brought a special teddy into school today and gave some money to a collection to be sent to Children In Need.

We learnt all about the charity Children In Need and why they raise money. We talked about what is a child in need and thought about others who are…

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Adding More

Image of Adding More

Great maths learning outdoors today with Year One children. They are learning how to add on and how to use a number line to add by jumping up the number line. Well done maths superstars!

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Inventive girls

Image of Inventive girls

Sian,Bethan and Claire have made a cosy, warm home for a hedgehog. They have placed it under the hedge for a lucky hedgehog to find! Great busy bee learners. 

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Number Bonds Fun

Learning number pairs or number bonds to 10 is really important, knowing them off by heart helps you work out all sorts of maths problems quickly. Use these videos to help you learn ...

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