Today we learnt about Buddhism when we had a visit from Pagpa a Buddhist monk.  Pagpa explained what Buddhism is and how he has lived his life as a monk for the last 27 years, it was very interesting. Pagpa explained the significance of his clothes to us, the maroon coloured skirt is called a Shemdap as as he puts it on each day it reminds him to be a good person. The maroon coloured piece of material he wears across his arm is called a Zhen and symbolises compassion. The yellow material is called a Chogyu and the colour symbolises wisdom. It symbolises a wise person and is worn by those who teach. Pagpa teaches meditation to others to help them live peacefully and be happy. 

To become a Buddhist monk Pagpa made special promises, these promises were: not to kill, not to steal, not to drink alcohol, to stay single to devote his life to Buddhism and be able to help more people and finally to always tell truth. 

Before Pagpa’s visit we decided to find out about Buddhism and compare it to Christianity. We thought about our daily lives as Christians and thought of questions we could ask to see what might be similar or different in the way we worship. The children asked Pagpa some good questions…

Alex G asked “How old is the word Buddhism?” Pagpa answered that it is over 2,500 years old.

Bella asked “Who do you pray to?” Pagpa explained who Buddha was, the person who got enlightened, is who he prays to. 

Duke asked “How do you pray?” Pagpa told us about his day, that at 4pm he gets together with the other monks and they pray together but that he also prays alone in his room. He also explained how he chants, sings and prays.

Thank you for visiting us Pagpa.

Buddhist Monk