During our final lesson learning about the significance of the book of Exodus in the Bible, Upper School found out about the Jewish festival of Passover and the Seder Plate that they use to symbolise the Israelite’s escape from Egypt. We watched a video of a Jewish boy from Manchester preparing his Seder meal with his family and then we looked at a Seder plate that I brought in from home. The children discussed what each item was and why it was significant/symbol of the Exodus. They also noticed the links to Jesus and discussed how he had taken the Passover meal with his disciples before his crucifixion. 
The children enjoyed dipping the parsley in the salt water and also tasted the apple pieces in honey. If you ask a Year 5 or 6 they should be able to tell you what each of these items represents for the Jewish people!

Mrs Hurley


RE-Exodus and the Passover