Today we had a fascinating lesson given by Pagpa, a Buddhist monk from the Preston Buddhist Centre, who taught us about the religion of Buddhism. The children could immediately see the similarities between Christianity and Buddhism but were also very interested in the differences. They asked brilliant questions to dig deeper about his clothes, his job as a monk, the ‘rules’ for living and the history of Buddhism. Some of these questions were-Ted- is there a creation story? 
Emily-where did Buddhism originate?
Abigail- do you have a place of pilgrimage?
Jayden- is there a heaven and hell in Buddhism?
Millie- how many times a day do you meditate?
Sophie-are there different types of meditation?
We were treated to a sung sacred prayer by Pagpa too! After the session, the children wanted to find out even more so we looked at images on the Internet of what is inside a Buddhist temple and what the ‘bodhi tree’ looks like. We learnt such a lot so thank you to Pagpa for giving his time to ‘enlighten’ us.