Good morning everyone!

The stars of today's blog are my blueberries! The first ones are ripening and they are delicious! 

Are you exercising with Joe at 9.00am today?

A reminder for helping you to stay safe on the internet please use the child-friendly search engine called Swiggle when researching a topic on the internet. We use Swiggle in school, it is an ad free, child-friendly search engine powered by google. You can learn more on the parents page here 

Here are your activities to choose from today ...


Play Phonicsplay and review some sounds you need practise with then practise building and blending your phonics by reading a book.


Reading and Responding

Please look at the plans I have sent you on email.

Reception - Please choose an activity from the ones around Alien Invasion  .

Year 1- Today you are going to do some activities around Buzz Aldrin! Do you remember learning about him and Neil Armstrong when we did our topic called Explorers? 

Year 2 - Today your activity is based around the poem What is pink? by Christina Rossett



Reception your learning can be found on the white rose maths site -

Year 1Learn how to make doubles using visual representations and explore doubling numbers up to 20.

Year 2 - Today we are going to learn about the properties of 3D shapes, you will be good at this too!


Don’t forget to choose your own topic learning today. 

Have a great day!

Mrs Kemp