Good Morning,

Today's star of the blog is Beth a very delicious looking message made out of cup cakes, yum yum, clever girl and great baking Beth!

I had a message from Tommy yesterday telling me that his conkers hadn't yet started to grow shoots but that one had landed on his lawn and had germinated! Now they have a horse chestnut tree growing on their lawn, how cool! Happy birthday to Lilly, Tommy's sister, who was 4yrs old on Sunday she had a lovely day and we are so glad.

Beth and Iain planted Iain's mystery seeds that Mrs Humphries and Mrs Hurley gave him to grow during lockdown, can you see what they were? That's right, they are radishes, hurray. They all got eaten last week and were delicious! 

Beth and Iain's radishes

Here are your activities to choose from today ...

Phonics (reading and spelling)

If you haven't tried it yet have a go today,  go on a sound hunt, choose a sound you have been learning recently and see if you can spot anything with that sound in it. Write a list of all the things you find.

Reception and Year 1 children If you would like to do a page in your phonics workbooks (the ones made by CGP) please do so. 

Don't forget to watch the episodes of Alphablocks on CBeebies to help you learn your sounds too. 

Please try to spend 10 minutes (or more if you would like to) on a phonics activity to keep making your brains bigger and reminding yourself how to read and spell sounds. You can go on or Teach Your Monster To Read .


Reading and Responding

Please look at the plans I sent to you on Friday last week for this today's activities ...

Reception - A Trio of Traditional Tales - Please choose from your activities.  Yesterday Nathaniel had a fabulous time with activities using the story The Gingerbread Man ... 

Nathaniel and The Gingerbread Man

Year 1 - Today you are going to be making lists of animals that live in the jungle and watch a bit of the film The Lion King! Have fun. 

Year 2 - Today you are going to make a poster to tell people how to be a respectful birdwatcher. 

Beth shared some photos of her great learning last week ...




Reception's learning can be found here 

Day 2 - Superworm. 

Great symmetry paintings yesterday from Nathaniel and his mummy ...


Today's maths activities for Year 1 and Year 2 can be found on BBC Bitesize.

Year 1 - Learn how to measure length using non-standard units, such as cubes, sticks or hand-spans. Find it here

Year 2 - Today you will learn how to use an array to see the commutativity of multiplication facts (for example 3 x 5 is the same as 5 x 3). Find it here



Today's topic lesson is geography.  You will learn about Australia including the Northern Territory, the Great Barrier Reef and the wider continent of Oceania.

Find it here


Look at these photos to see what Harry has been doing, click on the photos to make them larger and see the pictures better ...

Harry's learning at home

Have a great day.  

Mrs Kemp