Good morning everyone,

Today's star of the blog is Sophie, Sophie has made these lovely pictures for Miss Haynes and myself this was her message ...

'Me and my mum made these pictures for you and miss Haynes because tomorrow is national thank a teacher today and I think you are the best teacher in the world and you are always smiling and I like being in your class.'  Thank you Sophie, you are a ray of sunshine in our class we both love teaching you!

What activities did you do for your exercise yesterday?  I took Roger for a walk at lunchtime yesterday and saw lots of snails on the pavement and it made me wonder why there were so many there ...


So when I got home I researched the subject on the internet. I learnt that snails find it much easier to move on wet surfaces than dry ones. Both snails and slugs rely on moisture (water) to survive. Their bodies dry out very quickly when they move around without moisture to help them. This is why they only become active when it rains or when you’ve recently watered your garden. In dry weather they will tend to stay away from pavements, in favour of undergrowth, which retains moisture better but it had been raining yesterday before I went out for my walk so the pavement was wet. I learnt something new, snails can move easier and are more active on wet surfaces. Be sure to look where you walk next time you go for a walk after it has been raining be careful that you don't stand on a snail! 

Sophie has sent us an update of her peas that have grown ...

Sophie's Peas

Leo has sent us an update on his and Ben's lambs that they have been rearing, they are called William and Rosie and have grown so big! Click on the photo to make it larger and see more detail.

Leo's lambs


Here are your activities to choose from today ...

Phonics (reading and spelling)

Reception and Year 1 children If you would like to do a page in your phonics workbooks (the ones made by CGP) please do so. 

Don't forget to watch the episodes of Alphablocks on CBeebies to help you learn your sounds too. 

Please try to spend 10 minutes (or more if you would like to) on a phonics activity to keep making your brains bigger and reminding yourself how to read and spell sounds. You can go on or Teach Your Monster To Read .


Reading and Responding

Please look at the plans I sent to you on Friday last week for this today's activities ...

Reception - A Trio of Traditional Tales - Please choose from your activities.

Year 1 - Today you are asked to write a fact file about an animal. 

Year 2 - Today you are asked to find out what a swallow does in each season in the year.  

We have swallows who come to nest at our house every year, they have been late returning this year and Mr Kemp and I have been watching out for them. Happily we first spotted a pair on the 3rd of May! If you want to see what a swallow looks like you can learn about them here

Leo made a brilliant poster for yesterday's activity showing how to be a respectful birdwatcher and then really kindly decided to give his poster to his neighbour who loves birds. What a great idea! 




Reception's learning can be found here 

Day 3 - Superworm. 

Today's maths activities for Year 1 and Year 2 can be found on BBC Bitesize 

Year 1 - In today's lesson learn how to solve problems involving length and height.

Year 2 - Learn the 2 times table by counting in twos and looking at arrays and number patterns.



Today's topic lesson is Science.  Learn about the basic forces of push, pull and twist. Find it here


Have a look at all the lovely activities Emily has been doing at home remember to click on the photos to read the captions  ...

Emily's Home Learning

Have a great day.  

Mrs Kemp