One of our PE topics this half term is focusing on outdoor and adventurous activities, with a special focus on working as a team and communicating. 
To start things off this week, the rain unfortunately made us retreat inside, but we didn't let that get us down! Children were sorted into teams and asked to stand on a bench. They had to sort themselves in various ways - height, birthday and shoe size to name a few - but they couldn't fall or step off the bench! There were extra rules, including no speaking at all! We had to think of different ways to communicate our ideas and work out how to solve the problem.

In addition, the children were given challenges in groups to pass a hoop around a circle where everyone held hands. The team could only talk before the task began and after it had finished to evaluate. They all did very well! The hoop was made smaller and the technique had to change, but the children all managed it! In the end, we saw if we could pass a hoop around the whole class!

MS PE190424