To introduce our first history lesson of the year, we began with some historical inquiry skills. Being a historian is a lot like being a detective, you have to build a picture based on different clues. 
To start with, children were given various clues to a mystery. Each clue told a story by itself, but when put together the clues showed a bigger picture. Children unravelled the mystery of how a prince was turned into a frog just before his wedding day! Although children all came up with different theories for what happened, nobody could be sure what the true or accurate answer was. This helped show children how we piece together our picture of the past using the sources we find.

We then transferred our skills into looking at sources that showed us about the ancient Egyptians. We learned that they must have been able to read and write, they were good architects and that they were skilled artists. We know that they bury important people in tombs and that animals are important to them. 

Great investigation skills middle school!

History MS 03.11.23