This week we have begun our story writing based upon the fabulous story “We Are Going On A Bear Hunt” written by Michael Rosen linked to our theme ‘Explorers’. 

Most of the children are already familiar with the story and it is one of our favourites so we made it extra special by performing it with Michael Rosen (see the photos). The children really enjoy performing it (we have done it a few times this week) and we have noticed the poetry in the story and how Michael’s extra beat makes it a little bit like a rap. 

Then the Year 1 and 2 children learnt how to describe a setting, but before they sat down to write their description we had some drama fun! I chose for the children to describe the cave so we spent some time talking about our experiences of going into a cave, three children had been inside one and shared their experiences well. Then we looked at photos of inside different caves and listening to some recorded sounds from inside a cave.

Then I pretended to be Head of The Cave Department for Lancashire and the children were all Cave Detectives who needed to go and explore the local caves as we had a report come in saying that there was some mysterious goings on happening! The fun bit was dressing up as if we were explorers with hard hats, hi vis jackets, torches and a rope to hold onto so that the group didn’t get lost. The children used their imaginations, we turned the lights off in the classroom, played the sounds of inside a cave and they went exploring! See the photos below.

They found some interesting things … bears, dynamite, rocks! Then they recorded their findings before writing some great descriptions of inside a cave.