Following our learning last week where we talked and wrote about what it meant to be a good friend and who are our friends, this week we learnt about Jesus’ special friends.

We told the story ‘The Calling of the Disciples’ Luke 5: 1-11, Luke 5: 27-28 and the children retold the story through drama. After we had done this I asked the children ‘what happened next?’

Here are some of their thoughts …

’They told the whole entire world’ Nathaniel

’They got a few people and told them to worship and they worshipped’ Maddison

‘ helped God’ Reagan

‘They told nearly everyone in the world’ Abigail

’They said for everyone to worship God’ Olivia 


Next week we will discuss if their predictions were correct and explore the questions ‘why did choose the men he did to be his friends?’