Our first English topic this half term is exploring poetry. 
Children had to become poetry detectives throughout the week and explore lots about poems. Firstly, we looked at a variety of poem types and learned that poems have lines and stanzas. We also learned that poems didn't always have to rhyme and that they can sometimes follow different rules and structures.

The next day we took our knowledge that different poems have different structures and we used this to learn what these different poems could be called. Children read poems and identified what they were using their clue sheets. They enjoyed many types including a haiku, limerick, acrostic and more.

Our final task for this week was to discover how poems use rhyme. We brushed up on our rhyming skills and then read some classic rhyming poetry to find what the structures could be. Children read poems such as daffodils, Tyger Tyger, The Lady of Shalott, The highwayman and more. 

We have really enjoyed our first week of discovering poetry - we have much more wonderful poetry to look forward to!