Our new topic for the term is all about me, so in geography we are focusing on where we live. 
Children began by using a variety of geographical tools to help them find out where we are located in the world!
We already knew some of the answers, but our atlas, globes and digital maps helped us to find out more about what is around us.
We found out:

We live on the continent of Europe - near to Asia and Africa
We live in the country the United Kingdom - near to Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Norway
We live in the county of Lancashire - near to North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Cheshire
We go to school in the village of Inskip - near to Catforth, Elswick and Great Eccleston
Our nearest city is Preston - also near us is Manchester, Leeds and Lancaster

We are building up a knowledge of what is around us; if you have any maps at home or you travel anywhere, encourage children to discuss features such as towns and buildings as well as lakes, hills, forests and rivers.