This week one of our activities to improve our fine motor skills has been at the Pumpkin Patch in our classroom!

We have been talking about signs of Autumn in other activities and looking at these different squashes. The children have used crayons to draw the different squashes looking closely at the patterns and colours on them. They have also had lots of fun trying to fit as many elastic bands around the smaller squashes, we discovered that they ping off really easily so that has helped us learn to be resilient and keep trying.

I think we have had the most fun tapping golf tees into the big pumpkins and stretching elastic bands around them. All these activities help to develop the children’s fine motor skills and strengthen their fingers ready to hold pencils to write.

Next week we will be cutting the squashes open and using our enquiry skills to find out what is inside and have a close look.  Take a look at these photographs to see some of the fun the children have been having.