As part of our topic for the half-term, the children took part in a 'stone age day'. These activities started when children walked into the classroom to find animal skins on the floor and antlers, skulls and other stone age items. After some exploration, we started off with fire-lighting in the morning. This helped us gain a better understanding of how difficult it would have been to live off the land and create the fires that were vital to stone-age life. 
Next, the children played a stone-age themed game of among us. This saw the children play roles as 'tribespeople' and complete tasks such as filling up water for the camp by using times-tables skills, upgrading adjectives to tell their ancestors stories and using art skills to draw palaeolithic animals. Our Imposter, Sophie, however was busy secretly sending tribespeople to the sabre-tooth tiger cave! The children had fantastic fun with this game.

In the afternoon, we tried our hand at some neolithic style weaving on 'tablets'. We realised how difficult it must have been to create your clothes from fibres in the past! After this, we created some stone age music using percussion instruments and understood the importance of rhythmn and beats.
Overall, middle school had a great day with plenty of smiles and learning.

Stone age day