“Phonics time, doo, dee, dee, doo” that’s the song you will hear coming from our classroom every morning after we have taken the register! 

Year 1 and 2 have been learning and recapping the rule for the split digraph turning vowels from their short vowel sound to their long vowel sound. We love watching the magic e video made by Nessy on YouTube and talk about the super hero magic e giving all his superpower to the ‘weak’ vowel and making it strong. Once the magic e has made the vowel strong he loses all his power so he no longer makes a sound! 

Following our dinosaur theme this week the Year 1 children read words with the split digraph o-e in them and sorted them into real and non real words before writing them onto big bones themselves adding the sound buttons as they did. 

Year 2 used their magic e superheroes to spin round and add the magic e to words that contain the a-e and o-e split digraphs read them then create sentences using the words on their wheels. 

Have a look at these photos to see what great fun they had ...

Phonics time