Good morning everyone!

The stars of today's blog are Miss Haynes's photos of moths!  Here is Miss Haynes's story ...

It all began when Dad and I watched Springwatch on the TV. 

Truth be told I’ve always been a bit scared of moths and their jittery, dusty bodies but my Dad wanted to show me that there are some beautiful moths out there that almost look like butterflies. I’ve found out through my research that moths are actually really helpful pollinators for our gardens. Have a look at these links to learn more  (remember to only go on the internet when an adult is with you and stay safe)... 

So we set up a moth trap in the garden using a cardboard box, egg boxes, a bright white sheet, two perspex panels and a bright bulb. The moths are drawn to the light (but no one really knows why) and the egg boxes provide a comfy hiding spot for them to remain in until the morning. 

Moth Trap

And here are our findings. My grandad bought my dad a lovely field guide that we’ve used to help identify them. We also downloaded a cool app. All you have to do is upload the picture of the moth and it names it for you straight away. 


We hope to find some more but moths don’t like flying in the rain and wind, so we’re waiting for the perfect weather conditions.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my learning about moths! See if you can find some moths, you can email Mrs Kemp and I or tell us in school if you're lucky you might even be able to get a photo of one!   Miss Haynes 

Isn't that interesting?  Thank you for sharing your learning with us Miss Haynes. 

Are you exercising with Joe at 9.00am today, it is his last one!  Don't forget to download your certificate from Joe.

Here are your activities to choose from today ...


Play Phonicsplay and review some sounds you need practise with then practise building and blending your phonics by reading a book.


Reading and Responding

Please look at the plans I have sent you on email.

Reception - Please choose an activity from the ones around Alien Invasion  .

Year 1- Today you can make a rocket and write instructions how,  for someone else to follow!

Year 2 - Poetry comes alive today! Get ready to put actions to your favourite poem and perform it to your family (you could even video your performance and email it to me!)



Reception your learning can be found on the white rose maths site - today you are going to do some doubling and then some more measuring, have fun! You can find it here

Year 1 and 2 - Challenge day today!


Don’t forget to choose your own topic learning today. 

Have a great day and a lovely weekend!

Mrs Kemp