Good Morning!

The sun is shining again today, aren't we lucky?  Remember to stay at home and stay safe today, get outside in your garden and enjoy the sunshine. Are you ready for PE at 9am? Did you manage to jump as high as Joe did yesterday? Miss Haynes and I both did the work out in our own homes and we were worn out! 

New things to investigate on the internet today ...

Every day at 11am (for the next 30 days) David Walliams is putting a free audio story on his website for you to listen to. They last for 20 minutes. Click on this link to find the stories    The Terrible Triplets is available to listen to now. 

... this is an Amazon company offering free streaming of stories for children whilst school's are closed. Have a look and see if there are any books you would enjoy listening to.

Word of the day today is inventive. Find out what it means write a sentence with it in. How many times can you use the word today when you are speaking to your family and friends?

Phonics (reading and spelling)

Goto the Phonics Play website and log in using the username and password below.

Username: march20


Reception do activities in Phase 2 to start with, practise your building and blending to read words and play Obb and Bob choosing a different sound to the one you practised yesterday. 

Year One do activities in Phase 5. Choose to do any activities you want to play.

Year Two do activities in Phase 6. Choose to do any activities you want to play. 



Today you could write a recount about what you did yesterday. Remember to use time words (in the morning, later, next, after lunch ...) to show the reader when things happened. Remember to think of our question hands to add the detail to your sentences (tell me how you did something, who you did it with, where you were ... etc). 

Reception - be tough tortoises, use your phonics sound mats, build and blends words and remember those finger spaces. 

Year 1 - Capital letters, full stops and joining words such as and, because, so

Year 2 - Capital letters, full stops, joining words, interesting adjectives, words ending in ly telling me how things were done (e.g. I crept quietly into my brother's bedroom so that I did not wake him to collect my book.)


Join the maths party at White Rose Maths Home Learning by clicking on this link  Choose your year group, watch the video first then have a go at the activities. I suggest you do one of the lessons and then go and do some practical maths ...

Reception - Starting with the story - Egg Hunt

Year One - Weight and Mass Lesson 1 

Year Two - Fractions Lesson 1 

You DON'T  need to print the worksheets out, you can simply tell the adult you are working with the answers to the questions. 

Yesterday I had some lovely emails with photos and messages, I'm missing you all already! I saw and heard about some of the wonderful learning you did together lots of it inspired by things you do and are interested in. Parents, the very best learning is always inspired by the children themselves so don't feel as if you have to do everything I suggest on the blog each day, just use my suggestions as a guide and bend them to fit what you and your children love doing. 

Thank you,

Mrs Kemp :)